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B1 Boots

52,00 €

G1, 5 mm 5-finger Semidry

71,99 €

T30 Shorts Lady

43,90 €

T30 Shorts Man

43,90 €

W50 5mm overall Lady

289,00 €

W50 5mm overall Man

289,00 €

G1, 3mm 5-finger with zip fastener

69,00 €

G1, 1,5 mm TROPIC 5-finger with velcro

48,00 €

K2 Extreme Men

213,90 €

U30 Undervest 2mm Lady

79,00 €

U30 Undervest 2mm Man

79,00 €

W30 Fullsuit 2,5mm Lady

189,00 €

W30 Fullsuit 2,5mm Man

189,00 €

W4 5mm Overall Lady Sale

279,00 €

W4 5mm Overall Man

299,00 €

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It all started with a diving vacation at a diving school in Egypt in 1996 and it quickly became evident that we would not be satisfied with only a few dives a year. Our passion for diving has led us around the world, starting as customers in multiple diving shops and soon to be followed as diving professionals in several diving schools and diving resorts, because the step from hobby to work in the diving industry was well within reach.

Diving equipment from divers for divers

From colourful coral reefs to local lakes, from diving instructor to leader of the one or other dive school - there is nothing we have not tried. Consequently we have gotten to know all aspects of diving, the good but unfortunately also the bad. On our journey we have run into the one or other unprofessional diving school or diving shop with either bad gear, irresponsible instructors or dubious diving courses; and especially from these we have learned the most important thing: We can do better! Which seems to be the case, because by now we run an online shop for divers and snorkelers, 2 dive shops with diving and snorkelling equipment and 2 diving schools, with courses ranging form discover scuba and open water diver up until diving professional; and we have lots of satisfied divers and snorkelers as customers.

Because we know what we are doing - if it is warm tropical paradises, deep ship wrecks, black waters or freezing cold lakes; we know what diving equipment a diver needs to be safe and happy: be it a well fitting neoprene suit, the right bcd, a regulator that suits your needs, fins that are just right for you, high performance underwater flash lights, professional diving computers or stylish diving watches - you will find every you wish for in our online dive shop; from well know manufacturers like: Mares, Scubapro, Aqualung, Uwatec, Apeks, Suunto, Oceanic, Hollis and many more.