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Safety equipment for snorkelling

Just jump into the water and start snorkelling is fine, but what if big waves rob you of the last of your strength or push you onto the reef, if strong currents push you off course, if boats come dangerously close to you or you simply use up your last reserves of energy on the long way back? In the water, sometimes not only pleasant surprises await you, and that is why even experienced snorkellers should not lose respect for the natural element of water, and always think about their safety before the great snorkelling adventure starts.

Sensible, safe and reliable snorkelling equipment, i.e. a good snorkelling mask, a reliable snorkel and high-quality fins are half the battle, but depending on the snorkelling site, you should also think about buoyancy aids, signalling devices, injury protection and UV protection when snorkelling.

Buoyancy aids for snorkellers
Even good and experienced swimmers should use buoyancy aids in large waters or on long snorkelling trips where waves or currents could make the trip difficult, as overestimation and exhaustion is one of the most common causes of accidents in water sports. In our online shop for snorkelling equipment you will find a reasonable selection of lifejackets or snorkelling waistcoats, such as the Caribe snorkelling waistcoat which is specially designed as a buoyancy aid for snorkelling, or the Plastimo Trophy lifejacket for adults or the Plastimo Typhon lifejacket for children which is not only suitable as a lifejacket for snorkelling, but generally as a lifejacket for water sports.

Signal devices for snorkellers
On the surface of the water, it is easy to lose sight of your partner, and all it takes is a slight wave or a large group of snorkellers. The Buddy-Watcher, which you can find as a set in our online snorkelling shop, is perfect for finding your snorkelling partner again and again. In order to draw the attention of your group or boat to you if you have accidentally drifted too far away from them while snorkelling or have been swept away by the current, a signal whistle for water sports such as the Scubapro signal whistle in neon yellow in our online shop for water sports, or, in poor visibility, a signal light such as the Subgear signal flasher with Velcro strap that can be easily attached to your arm or equipment.

Injury protection and UV protection when snorkelling
When snorkelling, it is important to protect yourself against sunburn, cold or injury. You can find UV shirts for snorkelling or wetsuits for snorkelling in our online shop in the category snorkelling clothing.
To protect yourself against injuries, we recommend a wetsuit for snorkelling for the body and neoprene shoes for the feet, which you can find in our online shop for snorkelling equipment in the category snorkelling shoes. But you should also not forget your hands when snorkelling, because even though you should not touch anything in the water while snorkelling, it can quickly happen that you get a serious injury on sharp rock edges or nettling corals. To protect your hands while snorkelling, neoprene snorkelling gloves are excellent, such as the Waterproof Neoprene Gloves G1 1.5mm Tropic 5-Finger Snorkelling Gloves with Velcro closure that you can find in our online snorkelling shop.

You can find more neoprene clothing or protective equipment in the swimming or diving categories in our online shop for snorkelling equipment and diving equipment.