Regulator revision

Diving Regulator Revision & Repair

Our service regulator repair & revision offers you the possibility to have your regulator professionally serviced. We are specialized in repair and revision of regulators of the following brands:

Scubapro, Mares, Apeks, Aqualung, Oceanic, Atomic, Subgear, Semann Sub

Since 1997 over 8000 revisions, maintenance & repairs of regulators.

Since 1997, we have performed over 8000 regulator revisions, maintenance and repairs. Thanks to our extensive experience and modern equipment, we can maintain and repair regulators quickly and efficiently to ensure that you can dive safely and reliably

Professional regulator revision with Airscan test bench

The technicians at are experts in the field of regulator maintenance and repair. To ensure that their customers' regulators are working properly, we use an Airscan test bench.

The Airscan test bench is a special device used in the diving industry to test and verify the performance of regulators. The test bench does this by simulating the conditions encountered while diving to ensure that the regulator is functioning properly and providing sufficient air.