Freediving Suits

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Freediving clothing

When you start freediving, there's nothing wrong with using your standard dive suit. But if you dive deeper into the matter you will have to get yourself special Freediving equipment, beginning with a  special apnea wetsuit, a wetsuit for freediving. Together with our freediving experts and freediving instructors, we have put together a selection of high-quality and reliable freediving clothing that will help you to be safe and efficient when diving apnea.
Freediving suits

Only an apnea diver who fights for every second and every meter underwater will understand why the normal 5mm wetsuit is not suitable as a freediving suit. Sure, it protects you from the cold water, but while freediving you need an apnea suit that will let you glide through the water much more efficiently and with as little water resistance as possible, so you can move forward as quickly and effortlessly as possible.
Freediving neoprene shorts and neoprene shirts

If you need some extra warm clothing under the apnea suit, or, on the contrary, if think that a fullsuit in freediving is too much for you, and you would rather have just some small neoprene shirts or shorts, then you will find in our online shop for freediving Equipment high quality neoprene tops and neoprene pants or neoprene shorts for apnea diving. As neoprene tops or neoprene shirts for freediving you will find neoprene vests like the Waterproof U30 Undervest or Neoprene tops for women like the Waterproof T30 Neoprene Top. And as neoprene shorts for freediving you will find in our online Divestore the Waterproof T30 neoprene shorts which you can also wear as neoprene shorts for swimming or neoprene shorts for snorkelling.
In our online dive shop you will find more neoprene shirts and neoprene shorts for diving or snorkeling clothing.

Of course, you will find in our online dive shop also other freediving equipment, from free-diving masks and freediving fins to freediving clothing from well-known manufacturers such as Scubapro, Mares or Waterproof.