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Regulator configurator In our regulator configurator, every diver has the opportunity to compile a complete regulator, with 1st stage, 2nd stage, octopus, pressure gauge and inflator hose incl. regulator bag and even a suitable diving computer, at his own request. In the regulators configurator in our online Diveshop every diver can customize his regulator and adapt it to his diving needs. Regardless of whether it's a regulator with a cold-water configuration, a Nitrox regulator, a lightweight vacation regulator, a regulator with a flexible hose, a regulator set with a pressure gauge and a regulator bag, you decide which regulator configuration fits your needs. You can choose between regulators from well-known manufacturers such as Mares regulator, Atomic regulator, Scubapro regulator or Apeks regulator and be sure that you buy a reliable and high-quality regulator. In order to have the perfect regulator for your needs, you are welcome to consult our regulator experts. They can help you find the regulator that suits best your diving habits and your budget. Then you can choose the desired regulator, a suitable pressure gauge and regulator hoses, a practical regulator bag, perhaps even a dive computer, and also the required regulator service. Select regulator In our online dive shop, you can choose between high-quality Mares regulators, Atomic regulators, Apeks regulators and Scubapro regulators in our online regulator configurator. These regulators in our online dive shop usually consist of a 1st level, a 2nd level and an octopus. We offer popular regs such as the Mares Abyss, the Apeks XTX 200, the Scubapro MK17 EVO / A700 or the classical Scubapro G260, low-budget regulators like the Scubapro MK2 EVO / R195 or the Mares Rover 15X, but also the outstanding high-end masterpieces such as the Scubapro Regulator MK25 EVO Black Tech's DIN / A700 Carbon Black Tech or an Atomic Titanium Regulator. Select the regulator pressure gauge For the diving regulator you have selected in our online dive shop regulator configurator we offer you different pressure gauges, 2 'consoles of pressure gauges and depth gauges or 3' consoles of pressure gauges, depth gauges and compass, for example, so that you can assemble your wish regulator. Select inflator hose In our regulator configurator, you can choose a suitable inflator hose to your self-assembled regulator as desired, and decide on different lengths, materials and connections to find your perfect regulator configuration. Select service If you prefer to let a professional hand assembly your valuable self-configurated regulator, we are happy to offer you the assembly service in our professional regulator workshop Select diving regulator bag If you assemble your regulator yourself in our regulator configurator then you are suddenly the owner of your absolute dream regulator. In order to enjoy it for a long time, you should look for proper service, care and a quality regulator bag for transportation. Therefore, we offer you in our online divestore a couple of different regulator bags for your diving regulator. However, cold water divers will still not be up to ready with their regulator set because they need a second stage for a cold-water regulator configuration. Therefore you will find in our online dive shop different Mares 1st stages, Apeks 1st stages, Scubapro 1st stages and Atomic 1st stages in order for you to be able to complete your cold-water regulator configuration. We hope you enjoy browsing and compiling your desired regulator in our regulator configurator.