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Snorkel accessories

If you think that you are completely equipped for snorkelling with a snorkel mask, snorkel and snorkel fins, you will soon realise that you are mistaken. There is much more to consider for the perfect snorkelling adventure. Snorkelling safety, snorkelling protection, snorkelling clothing, snorkelling equipment care, snorkelling signals, snorkelling buoyancy aids and much more are needed to enjoy many successful snorkelling trips.

Accessories and spare parts for your snorkelling equipment
High-quality snorkelling equipment guarantees not only safety and comfort, but also many years of fun during your snorkelling tours. Of course, one or the other wearing part of the snorkel mask or snorkel fin can be damaged, but this can be easily replaced and you do not have to replace the whole fin or snorkel mask. In our online snorkel shop you will find everything you need in terms of spare parts and accessories for your snorkelling equipment, from replacement mask straps for your snorkel mask or replacement fin straps for your snorkel fins such as the Mares Bungee Straps, to snorkel holders, or replacement mouthpieces for your snorkel. For your snorkelling fins with a closed foot section, you can find fin cross straps for snorkelling fins that are too large and do not fit tightly enough in our online shop for snorkelling accessories.

Care products for snorkelling equipment
If you want to enjoy your snorkelling mask, fin or wetsuit for a long time, you should take good care of it. You will find suitable care products for your snorkelling equipment in our online snorkelling shop, from McNett neoprene shampoo for your snorkelling suit and all neoprene equipment or Mirazyme odour eliminator for neoprene and snorkelling equipment to Gear Marker paint for marking snorkelling equipment or McNett silicone spray for snorkelling equipment. Also high quality hangers for your wetsuit for snorkelling like the Waterproof Hanger Suit Hanger or the Scubapro Hanger Suithanger can be found in our online shop for snorkelling equipment.

Lamps and knives
A few tools are also useful for the one or other snorkelling adventure. If you like to dive deeper and look curiously into reef openings, you need a practical underwater lamp. It has to be small and handy, the waterproof lamp for snorkelling, because no snorkeller wants to carry heavy equipment around. Check out our online snorkelling equipment shop for the practical Hand and Arm Strap attachment strap for dive lights, which allows you to attach small underwater lights to your hand. The Mares EOS 4 RZ waterproof light, for example, is one of these small waterproof lights that can be a reliable and practical companion when snorkelling. You can find more underwater lamps for snorkelling in our online snorkel shop in the category Diving / Accessories / Diving lamps.

Useful additional equipment for snorkelling
If you are looking for a small, practical accessory for snorkelling, you will surely find the right thing in our online snorkelling shop, because here you will not miss anything you need for a successful snorkelling tour. In our online shop for snorkelling equipment, you will find buoyancy aids for snorkelling such as the Caribe snorkelling waistcoat, carabiners for snorkelling equipment, a reel with 15m line and carabiner, a writing board with pencil with which you can also write something down in the water while snorkelling or create a map of the snorkelling site, or ear protection while snorkelling such as the Subgear neoprene headband for snorkelling or the practical silicone earplugs for snorkelling. You will also find one or the other option to keep important little things like your car keys or your mobile phone dry while snorkelling in our online snorkelling shop, such as the famous Scubapro waterproof diving kit or the Subgear Drybag for smartphones that protects your mobile phone from splashing water.