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Snorkel bags for ABC equipment

Of course you can just throw your ABC equipment into a sports bag for diving or snorkelling - but is that good for it? The diving fins or snorkelling fins should not be bent because this can damage the fin blade or restrict its function, your diving mask should not take a knock because this could break the glass or the frame, the snorkel should not be squashed or bent. Also, your snorkelling equipment, including ABC equipment should be able to drain and breathe after diving or snorkelling. If you also want to carry the ABC equipment on your back - then check if your fins fit into your hiking backpack ... probably not!
In our online diving shop you will find good solutions for this - special snorkelling bags in which your diving fins or snorkelling fins fit in without any problems, and in addition, depending on the model, your diving mask and snorkel as in the Scubapro Beach Bag snorkelling bag, or even another complete ABC equipment, your swimwear, towel and other accessories as in the Scubapro Net Sac mesh backpack for ABC equipment, or the Aqualung Explorer 300 Mesh Duffle bag for ABC equipment.

Wet snorkelling gear or ABC equipment can also be easily stored in these mesh bags such as the Scubapro Boat Mesh Bag for ABC equipment or the Aqualung Explorer 800 Mesh Duffle mesh bag for snorkelling gear, as the moisture can easily escape and the ABC equipment can breathe, thus avoiding bad odours and waterlogging during prolonged transport.

With the well-padded carrying handles or the backpack straps, your snorkelling equipment can be transported comfortably.
You will also find suitable bags for fins with special sizes in our online dive shop for ABC equipment such as the Mares Attack Fins fin bag, the Scubapro Apnoe Stereo fin bag for apnoea fins, or the Scubapro Monofin bag for mono fins.
All dive bags in our online dive shop are made with particularly solid zips, tear-resistant material and robust seams so that they can withstand the demands of any strenuous trip for many years.

Special diving backpacks, regulator bags, diving boxes, duffle bags and other bags for diving equipment and accessories can of course also be found in our online diving shop.