Information regarding the disposal of waste batteries

In accordance with Article 20 of the Directive 2006/66/EC of the European Parliament and the Council we are obligated to inform you about the following:
Batteries and accumulators shall not be disposed of as unsorted municipal waste. Depending on the respective national provisions you may be legally required to return waste batteries and accumulators to facilitate treatment and recycling. Waste batteries may contain harmful substances that, if they are not disposed of correctly, could endanger the environment or your health. Batteries may also contain important resources like e.g. iron, zinc, manganese or nickel that can be further utilised. You may send waste batteries either back to us or dispose them in your immediate proximity (e.g. in trade or communal collection facilities or in our distribution depot) at no cost. The return at retail points is limited to amounts that are usual for end-users and to waste batteries that the trader sells or has sold in his store.

The symbol of the crossed-out wheeled bin means that you must not dispose of them as unsorted municipal waste. Underneath this sign you will also find the hereafter listed symbols with the following meaning:
Pb: Battery contains lead
Cd: Battery contains cadmium
Hg: Battery contains mercury