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Swimming Equipment

Since we are passionate about every kind of water sports and not only for diving, you will find in our online store not only diving equipment, but also equipment for snorkeling, equipment for swimming, equipment for surfing, wake boarding, paddling and many other accessories for water sports.
For swimmers we also offer a wide range of swimming equipment such as swimming aids, equipment for aqua aerobics, swim suits, swimming goggles and much more swimming accessories.

Swimming goggles
No matter in which water you swim and whether you are an occasional swimmer or a high performance swimmer, every swimmer needs a first class pair of swimming goggles. And why do swimming goggles have to be first class? Because quality swimming goggles like the Aquasphere swimming goggles in our online store for swimming equipment have a high quality silicone frame that fits perfectly to any face without causing pressure points, without letting water into the goggles and without losing your flexibility over time. Last but not least, you as a swimmer are well served in our online store for swimming equipment, because we not only offer standard swimming goggles, but also take into account the needs of each individual swimmer: you will find swimming goggles for children like the Aquasphere swimming goggles for children Kaiman Small, swimming goggles for women like the Aquasphere swimming goggles for women Kaiman Lady, swimming goggles with tinted lenses, swimming goggles with large lenses, swimming goggles with optical lenses like the Aquasphere Eagle Optic swimming goggles, or swimming goggles with mirrored lenses, so that no swimmer's wishes remain unfulfilled. And of course you will find in our online store for swimming equipment also the appropriate spare parts for swimming goggles or care products for swimming goggles.

Swimming suits
For swimmers who like to swim in fresher water, or for swimmers who are exposed to a lot of UV rays while swimming, we also offer a large selection of swimsuits and UV protection clothing for swimmers in our online swim store. For swimming in cold water it is recommended to use a neoprene swimsuit like the Aquasphere Aqua Skins Shorty, a short neoprene suit like the Scubapro Definition Shorty, which is also used as a snorkeling suit, or even a long neoprene suit like the Billabong Synergy 3x2 BZ LS Steamer and many other 3mm wetsuits you will find in our online dive store in the category diving/clothing. You will also find in our online swim store neoprene shirts like the Mares short sleeve neoprene shirts Mares Thermo Guard or the sleeveless Waterproof U30 Undervest or neoprene pants like the Waterproof T30 neoprene shorts.
Of course, in our online store for water sports you will also find a swimsuit for children or a swimsuit for women and also the necessary care products for swimsuits or wetsuits.

Accessories for aqua aerobics
Water sports fans who like to do their fitness program in the water we provide a selection of aqua aerobics equipment in our online store for swimming accessories. Swimmers can choose in our online swim store between different floats for aqua aerobics like an Aqua Jogging Belt, Aqua Fun Noodles so swimming noodles and connectors for swimming noodles, Aqua Boards so swimming boards for children and for adults or Aqua Belts so swimming belts with floats and some training aids like the Classic Pull Buoy, the Ergo Board for water aerobics, Ergo Discs for water training or high quality neoprene swimming gloves for an effective upper body training while swimming.

Swimming aids
Floating elements with positive buoyancy that help you stay on the surface of the water are generally referred to as buoyancy aids, even though they don't necessarily serve the purpose of helping you swim, like the classic pull buoy. Most of these buoyancy aids can be used both as swimming support and as training equipment for aqua aerobics or aqua jogging, such as the well-known Aqua-Belt swimming belt or the Aquasphere Aqua Jogging Belt often used in water sports, the Aqua Board swimming board from Aquasphere or the somewhat more special Ergo Board with practical handles. Also the so popular swimming noodles, so Aqua Noodles can be used very versatile as swimming aid or training equipment for water training. As a pure swimming aid, we offer in our online store for swimming equipment various life jackets that are used as a swimming aid but also as a life jacket for surfing, life jacket for paddling or life jacket for kayaking, or as a life jacket for snorkeling.