Descent MK2

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  • Hi-Tech Dive computer & smartwatch with many outdoor features
  • Dive computer for CCR, Nitrox up to 100%, Trimix&12 gas blends
  • Smart-Notifications, Heart rate & music playback
  • Many Sport Modes & long battery running time
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Dive Computer Garmin Descent MK2

The Garmin Descent MK2 dive computer is a brand-new, exclusive Garmin dive computer,  also available as Garmin Descent MK2i without Transmitter or Garmin Descent MK2i with Transmitter, a Garmin smartwatch & dive computer in one, which impresses divers and outdoor athletes alike with an incredible wide range of features and high technical performance.

The Garmin Descent MK2 dive computer is the successor model of the Garmin Descent MK1, and surpasses it with more extensive features, a larger display, double storage space and even more safety for your health while diving and sports.

As a dive computer, the Garmin Descent MK2 leaves absolutely nothing to be desired, as it is a high-performance dive computer for diving instructors and advanced divers, dive computer for technical diving or for professional divers, because it offers suitable diving modes for custom Sport diving with compressed air, for diving with Nitrox, for technical diving with multiple breathing gases or with Trimix, diving with rebreather (CCR - Closed Circuit Rebreather) and even for apnea diving. The Garmin dive computer Descent MK2 can monitor up to 12 different breathing gas blends, with an oxygen percentage of up to 100% and a decompression PO2 setting up to 2.0.

In order for you to be safe underwater, the Garmin Descent MK2 dive computer is based on the reliable Bühlmann ZHL 16c algorithm for precise calculations and accurate data. Visual and audible alarms help you to avoid mistakes and dangers while diving. With the Diving Computer Garmin Descent MK2 you can navigate underwater and above the water surface by using the precise digital 3-axis compass, and on the surface by using the altimeter, barometer and the compass, and the highly sensitive GPS, Galileo and GLONASS satellite tracking. Thus, you can always mark precisely your entry and exit points. In addition, the Garmin dive computer Descent MK2 provides you with detailed maps in color, for even easier orientation on the surface.

These accurate and reliable navigation can of course be used not only for diving but for all other sports, because as a Multisport watch the Garmin Descent MK2 offers many different sports modes, such as running, climbing, hiking, paddling, skiing, Swimming, SUP, cycling and many more. And like any other high-quality Garmin sports watch, Garmin Descent MK2 uses the Garmin ElevateTM technology, to measure your heart rate directly on the wrist. Thus, the Garmin Descent MK2 is not only a high-quality Garmin dive computer, but also an extremely powerful Garmin smartwatch with heart rate monitoring, with an integrated barometer and tide table and all the features you expect from a Garmin sports watch: pedometer, calorie consumption, intensity minutes and much more.

The Garmin sports watch and dive computer Garmin MK2 offers various tools to help you plan, track and evaluate your athletic performance on the Garmin Descent MK2 multisport watch, such as running efficiency values, Garmin fitness tracker for weight training, yoga, pilates or cardio training and much more so that you can create and work through training plans and track your progress.

In order for you to easily share your achievements and diving adventures, or to allow your community to follow live and track your sporting activities, the Garmin dive computer Descent MK2 offers various connectivity options so that you can load your data onto your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth Smart, ANT + or WLAN.

The design of the Garmin multisport watch and Garmin Descent MK2 dive computer has also been modernized and improved - the display is larger and sharper, the materials more robust and lighter. The Garmin Descent MK2 consists of a case made of fiber-reinforced polymer with a metal case on the back with a tear-resistant silicone strap, a stainless-steel bezel and high-quality sapphire glass cover for the coloured Garmin Chroma Display ™ with LED backlighting. With its modern and compact look, you can easily wear the Garmin Descent MK2 sports watch in everyday life. Because the Garmin Descent MK2 Smartwatch also offers you many helpful features in everyday life, such as smart notifications, Garmin Pay, SMS, calendar, weather, phone search function and even a music storage capacity for up to 2,000 tracks, and is compatible with iPhone and Android.

The Garmin Descent MK2 dive computer & smartwatch with useful functions such as live track, accident notification or emergency assistance ensures your safety in everyday life and during sports.

To avoid annoying battery changes, the Garmin sports watch with dive computer Descent MK2 is powered by an efficient rechargeable battery that can be easily and quickly charged with the included charger lead, and it lasts in dive mode up to 80 hours, in watch mode up to 15 days, in the smartwatch Mode for up to 16 days and GPS mode for up to 48 hours.

An incredible Garmin dive computer combined with a powerful Garmin multisport watch, the Garmin Descent MK2 offers you all that, packed in high quality materials, with a modern design and many practical and innovative tools and features.

Manufacturer : Garmin
Dive computer functions: Bluetooth color display digital compass clock format Arm computer

Technical specifications
Material glass: sapphire crystal
Bezel material: stainless steel
Housing material: fiber-reinforced polymer with metal housing at the back
Watch straps: yes, approx. 26cm, with QuickFit ™ system for replacement
Strap material: silicone
Size: 52 x 52 x 17.8 mm
Weight: 103.8 gr
Water resistance: 10 bar (up to 100 meters compliant with EN13319)
Display: transflective MIP display (memory in pixels), coloured, 35.564mm diameter, easy to read even in direct sunlight
Display resolution: 280 x 280 pixels
Battery life: in diving mode up to 80 hours / in watch mode up to 50 days / in smartwatch mode up to 16 days / GPS - up to 48 hours / GPS + music - up to 15 hours / max. GPS battery mode - up to 96 hours / GPS expedition - up to 35 days
Memory capacity: 32 GB
Other functions: clock functions with date and GPS time synchronization, automatic summer time, alarm clock, timer, stopwatch, times for sunrise and sunset
Satellite tracking: GPS, GLONASS, Galileo
Other tools: barometric altimeter, 3-axis compass, gyroscope, thermometer, accelerometer, depth gauge, pulse oximeter acclimatization
Heart rate measurement: with Garmin Elevate ™ technology for heart rate measurement on the wrist
Connectivity: Bluetooth® Smart, ANT + ®, Wi-Fi®
Connect IQ ™ (downloadable watch fields, data fields, widgets and apps)
Other smart tools: Smart notifications, SMS replies / reject calls via SMS (Android ™ only), energy saving mode, calendar, weather, music playback (memory for up to 2000 tracks), mobile phone location, VIRB® remote control, Garmin Pay
Smartphone compatibility: iPhone®, Android ™,
App Compatibility: Compatible with Garmin Connect ™ Mobile
Safety functions: Livetrack, Group Livetrack, live event track, accident notification during certain activities, emergency assistance
Tactical functions: dual grid coordinates
Diving functions
Maximum diving depth: 100 meters (EN-13319)
Dive modes: single gas mode, multi gas mode, gauge mode, apnea mode, apnea hunting mode
Decompression model: Bühlmann ZHL-16c with gradient factors
Number of gas mixtures: 12 (1 bottom gas and up to 11 decompression and / or backup gases)
Nitrox: yes, up to 100%, PO2 up to 2.0 adjustable
Trimix: yes
Air integration: no
Further features: dive planner, tides, dive start / end automatically, user-defined time limit to end the dive (20 s to 10 m), deep stops, adaptable conservatism, automatic altitude adjustment, no-fly time with 24 hour countdown, display of ascent / descent rate,
Safety stop: yes, customizable
Lighting: Yes (configurable time and intensity; automatically switched on at depth)
Navigation: with 3-axis compass, with adjustable direction, quick change to 90 degrees to the right, 90 degrees to the left and reverse direction, shows degrees and direction back to the specified direction, automatic storage of the dive's entry / exit positions
Connectivity: Diver's log is synchronized with the Garmin Dive app
Alarms: customizable, visual and acoustic for ascent rate, PO2, CNS / OTU, no-stop time, decompression, gas change.
Other optional features: lock if you missed a decompression stop, reset the residual tissue load, surface interval, N2 / HE load, CNS, OTU and tissue status,
Outdoor orientation: altimeter, barometer, compass, gyroscope, GPS, Glonass and Galileo satellite guidance
Sport Tools: Pedometer, Inactivity Bar, Auto Target, Sleep Monitoring, Calorie Consumption, Floors Up, Distance Covered, Intensity Minutes, Trueup, Move IQ
Further sport modes: gym, running, cycling, swimming, golf, hiking, mountaineering, mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, SUP, rowing, kayaking, jumpmaster, tactical missions

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1x Descent Mk2, 1x extra-long silicone strap, 1 charging / data cable, 1x documentation