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Photo and video equipment for snorkeling

When snorkeling you often discover so much beauty and you collect so many incredible impressions that you would like to take home... but how? It's easy - with the high quality snorkeling photo and video equipment you can find in our online dive store.
To keep useful memories of your wonderful snorkeling adventures you need something more than a disposable camera. A high quality underwater camera with special features for underwater photography and if necessary a reliable underwater photo and video light. Of course, you will also need the appropriate mounting material and other accessories, and you can find all this in our online store for snorkeling equipment and diving equipment.
Snorkel Cameras
For professional underwater photos, with color brilliance, sharpness and beautiful motifs, you need at least a high-quality underwater camera designed specifically for taking pictures while diving or snorkeling, such as the SeaLife Reefmaster RM-4K which you can find in our online dive store.
Underwater photo light or video light for snorkeling cameras
If you want to upgrade your underwater camera with an external underwater photo light or video light to achieve even clearer underwater images and even more color brilliance, you will find in our online dive store a large selection of underwater lamps that can be used as photo light, and which can be combined with the underwater snorkel cameras you find in our online dive store, but also with other underwater cameras to a professional underwater photo set or underwater video set.
Accessories for underwater snorkel cameras
To expand your underwater snorkel camera you need accessories with which you can attach the underwater lights or the external underwater flash to the underwater camera. These accessories Flex Connect arms or Flex Connect handles or also Flex Connect rails you find of course in our online dive store. Likewise, you will find in our online divestore but also the necessary underwater camera accessories to fix your camera while snorkeling on your hand to not lose it such as a hand strap with stopper for snorkel camera or a snapper with carabiner for the underwater camera. Other useful accessories for snorkel cameras such as lenses for underwater cameras, antifog inserts for the snorkel cameras to absorb moisture, spare batteries for underwater camera and many other useful little things for your snorkel camera can of course also be found in our online store for diving equipment.