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Snorkel sets

Snorkel sets are sets consisting of a snorkel mask and a snorkel. Buying a snorkel set is the simple and usually cheaper alternative to buying a single snorkel mask and snorkel. The snorkel masks in these snorkel sets are simpler basic models, which are in no way inferior in functionality to a higher quality snorkel mask, but of course are not high-end products like a Scubapro Synergy Twin Mask or a TUSA Ceos Mask, and are also often not suitable as diving masks.

Safe snorkel masks in a snorkel set
However, you do not have to do without good quality when buying a snorkel set in our online store for snorkeling equipment. Because even the snorkel masks you find in our snorkel sets have all the necessary safety features you need for safe snorkeling: safety glass, sturdy frame, durable mask strap that will not let you down right away. And exactly this is one of the most important differences between a snorkel set from the specialized trade, like the snorkel sets in our online snorkel store and a cheap snorkel set from the discounter.

And even if you have to do without extras like tinted lenses, ultra-white glass, extra-soft silicone or black mask body when buying a snorkel set, you still have a snorkel mask with high quality at your disposal, because the snorkel masks in the snorkel sets in our online store for snorkel accessories are made of first-class materials and according to demanding standards.

Snorkel masks with good fit
Another important difference is the fit. When buying a snorkel set, you obviously don't have the wide selection of fitters or lens sizes as you do when buying a single snorkel mask, but that doesn't mean that the snorkel mask won't fit you.  Because the snorkel sets in our online store for snorkeling equipment come from first-class manufacturers who look back on decades of experience in the production of high-quality snorkel masks and diving masks, and are quite capable of creating standard fits that can adapt to many different face shapes.

Snorkel sets with quality snorkels
Also the snorkels we offer in the snorkel sets in our online store for snorkeling equipment do not need to shy away from any snorkel test. High quality materials such as light and robust plastic and silicone mouthpieces guarantee safety and fun while snorkeling. From the standard snorkel to the high-quality snorkel with blow-out valve, splash guard, replaceable mouthpiece and flex tube to relieve the jaw and neck muscles while snorkeling like the snorkel in the snorkel set Scubapro Current Combo.

Snorkel sets for children
As in all areas of life, children have special needs when snorkeling. We have taken this into account when selecting snorkel sets for children in our online snorkel store. Snorkel masks for children with very soft silicone seal and good fit, large field of vision and secure fit as in the snorkel set for children Current Combo children, and snorkels for children with small children's mouthpiece made of silicone, splash protection, children's snorkel with blow-off valve as in the snorkel set for children Bali Pro Junior and special snorkel tube length adapted to the smaller lung volume of children guarantee your children maximum safety and pleasure while snorkeling.

The selection of snorkel sets in our online store for snorkeling equipment leaves hardly anything to be desired, and inspires not only by quality, but also by unbeatable price-performance ratio. And for all those who do not find a suitable mask in the category snorkel sets, we offer in our online store for snorkeling supplies a wide selection of individual snorkel masks and matching individual snorkels in various designs.