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As a professional diving equipment supplier, we only offer high-quality, tested regulators and cold water regulators from well-known manufacturers such as Mares, Scubapro, Apeks, Aqualung and Atomic in our online dive shop, all of which we have subjected to a thorough regulator test.

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In our online dive shop you will find high-quality regulators in various levels and configurations. For your safety, every regulator that is ordered is subjected to a thorough regulator test before shipping. In order for you to be able to buy the regulator that is best for you, you can find out everything you should know about regulators in our Scuba online shop and receive professional regulator purchase advice so that you can find the perfect regulator that suits your needs, diving habits and your budget.

We trust our regulator manufacturers – and so can you!

The slightest malfunction in a regulator can cause serious problems underwater, as experienced divers we know that very well! That is why, after thorough testing, we chose only regulator manufacturers whom we can absolutely trust. This trust is based on the professional, technical analysis of our regulator service technicians, rigorous regulator tests, continuous practical testing of these regulators by our diving instructors, and huge amounts of long-term empirical values and feedback from our customers and diving students. And that has proven itself, because our customer satisfaction is particularly evident in the area of regulators! The Mares regulators, Scubapro regulators, Atomic regulators, Apeks regulators and Aqualung regulators that you can find in our online dive shop have been  successfully used  thousands of times  as reliable regulators for recreational divers, as travel regulators, cold water regulators, regulators for technical diving, professional regulators, regulators for diving schools or diving instructors regulators. You can therefore trust our judgment and our regulator consulting when choosing your regulator.

A complete regulator set is the best choice for your first own regulator

Regulator, regulator set or complete regulator set? If you do not already have a regulator at home which you want to expand or supplement , a complete regulator set is the best choice.

In our online Divestore you will find everything from a basic regulator configuration consisting of 1st and 2nd stage to a regulator set, a regulator with octopus, consisting of 1st stage, 2nd stage and alternate air supply, to complete regulator sets consisting of 1st stage, 2nd stage, octopus, pressure gauge, inflator hose and regulator bag.

Configure your dream regulator yourself

In our online shop for diving equipment you can also configure your desired regulator yourself, in our regulator configurator. Here you can decide for yourself which 1st stage, which 2nd stage and which Octopus you want to compile, and you can buy a suitable inflator hose and a pressure gauge according to your needs and budget.

Cold water regulator for the local lakes

Not all regulators are suitable for diving in cold water because of the risk of freezing. Therefore divers who like to dive in water below 10 ° -12 ° have to use a cold water regulator. This does not only address to daring technical divers looking for a regulator for ice diving or a regulator for deep diving, because even in the local lakes in spring or autumn the water can already reach quite low temperatures in 10-15 m depth, just as in the Mediterranean or Atlantic. For this you need a well-insulated cold water regulator, ideally a fully cold water-compatible, membrane-controlled regulator.

Lightweight and inexpensive travel regulators

The occasional vacation diver who wants to be light on their luggage and on a small budget may find such a cold water regulator too heavy and too expensive, which is why we offer a good selection of light travel regulators for warm water divers in our online diving shop. Even cold water divers like to fall back on such a lightweight regulator, which they use as a spare regulator or just as a holiday regulator.

Nitrox regulator for oxygen-enriched breathing air

In our diving equipment online shop you will also find Nitrox regulators, but only regulators that you can use abroad for breathing oxygen enriched air with an oxygen content of max. 40%. In many holiday countries diving with Nitrox is the norm, at least with Nitrox with an oxygen content of max. 40%. These level 1 Enriched Air Nitrox breathing gases may be used in many places with the usual diving equipment. The Nitrox regulations in Germany are much stricter, therefore you need a special Nitrox regulator for all oxygen-enriched breathing air mixtures with an oxygen percentage higher than 21%, a regulator which must be oxygen-clean and may only be used with Nitrox.

Regulator accessories

As soon as you have chosen your dream regulator, you can add all the necessary regulator accessories to your regulator, expand it and equip it with additional regulator hoses, such as low pressure hose, high pressure hose for regulators, dry suit hose or octopus hose with extra length. You can also find suitable hose brackets, such as hose clips, octopus holders or snap hooks, regulator tools, regulator mouthpiece and regulator bag in our online divestore in the regulator accessories category.

Professional regulator service and regulator repair in our dive shop

Our Scubaonline diving shop includes a professional, excellently equipped workshop for diving equipment and a regulator workshop, in which well-trained and certified regulator technicians and diving equipment service technicians can take care of your regulator. For repairs or service on your diving equipment and regulator service with guarantee and original parts, you can send us your regulator or diving equipment.

Original spare parts for regulators, regulator service kits and regulator hoses

If you would like to carry out small changes or repairs on your regulator yourself, you will find a wide range of spare parts for regulators, regulator hoses and regulator service kits for all regulators in our online shop for diving equipment. These are original regulator spare parts for Mares regulators, Apeks regulators, Scubapro regulators, Oceanic regulators, Aqualung regulators or Subgear regulators.