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Discover the underwater world even without a diving license

Snorkeling has rapidly become one of the most popular water sports in recent years because anyone who is not afraid of water can snorkel. Snorkeling allows even untrained people to discover the secrets of the underwater world, without the limitations of age or health that must be taken into account when diving.

Snorkeling Equipment

Snorkeling opens the door to an exhilarating underwater world that is so fascinating that you can stay in the water for hours. But this works only if you have a suitable snorkeling equipment. First and foremost, snorkeling requires a well-fitting snorkel mask that allows you to get a good view of the underwater world, and a high-quality snorkel for carefree breathing on the surface of the water. A suitable pair of snorkel fins will help you to move forward while snorkeling in an energy-saving way and also to steer well in currents or waves. It is also very important to think about optimal sun protection clothing or cold protection clothing when snorkeling. Don't forget your safety while snorkeling - buoyancy aids or signaling devices are indispensable in some snorkeling regions. And for a 100% successful snorkeling trip you should also pack some accessories, so that you do not get into the unpleasant situation of having to give up your snorkeling tour, because for example the mask strap is torn.

Snorkel Clothing

On a snorkeling trip, depending on the region, a snorkeler needs reliable UV-protective clothing, or, in somewhat fresher water, good cold-protective clothing. In our online store for snorkeling equipment, every snorkeler will find a wide selection of UV shirt and UV clothing for snorkeling from UV protection overall, long sleeve UV shirts for men or UV shirts for women to high-quality UV protection clothing for children. To provide you with optimal cold protection in fresh water while snorkeling, we offer in our online store for snorkeling equipment some wetsuits for snorkeling, from short wetsuits, so neoprene shorty, to long 3mm wetsuit.

Snorkeling Masks

To really enjoy the underwater world while snorkeling, a well-fitting snorkel mask made of first-class materials is very important. The good fit of the snorkel mask is important to avoid unpleasant pressure points while snorkeling, but also to ensure that water does not constantly penetrate the inside of the mask. And the high quality of the materials of the snorkel mask guarantees you while snorkeling sicherhit and longevity.


Breathe freely or swallow water - this is the difference between a good snorkel and a bad one. In the first place, a good snorkel must be tight and have a reasonable internal volume so that you can breathe dry and fresh air without problems, but it must also provide comfort and safety. A suitable mouthpiece, a good fit on the mask, and easy blowing out are just a few important features you should consider when buying a snorkel. In our online store for snorkel accessories, you will find a wide selection of high-quality snorkels with different features that guarantee safety and comfort when snorkeling.

Snorkel Fins

When snorkeling, you should not do without snorkel fins because with them you can not only save a lot of energy but also safely and comfortably steer on the water surface, even if the current or swell does not make it easy for you. Since on the water surface the feet do not cool down as quickly as underwater, snorkeling fins with a closed foot part are mostly used for snorkeling, as you can find them in many different designs in our online store for snorkeling equipment. If you are snorkeling in slightly colder water, then you should go for snorkeling fins with heel straps with matching neoprene footies.

Safety and Accessories

Often the success of a snorkeling trip depends on little things that you don't always think about in advance. Buoyancy aids, for example, are not only useful for inexperienced swimmers - good snorkelers should also use them if you are going to be out for a long time or far from shore, or if there are strong waves or currents at the water's surface. Equally useful when snorkeling in these situations are signaling devices such as buoys or whistles.