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"Why isn't my travel bag enough to hold my dive gear?" many divers ask. The answer is as simple as it is obvious - because your dive gear is more valuable, unique and delicate than your jeans and sneakers. You probably can't fit your fins and dive jacket in just any bag, and you certainly don't have a separate storage space or special mounting options for your expensive regulator in your everyday gym bag - and you certainly don't want to bend your fins, crush your buoyancy control jacket, or subject your regulator to shock.  And whether your regular travel bag can handle the weight of your scuba gear isn't clear either.
For a diver, a dive bag or a dive backpack is just the most sensible solution. These are designed for the special needs of the diving equipment, and ensure that it survives every trip safely, and that the diver can transport the diving equipment comfortably.
In our online dive store you will find dive bags that are ideal for air travel with diving equipment, because they have special dimensions that allow the optimal stowage of one or two diving equipment like the TUSA dive bag Large Roller Bag, have special compartments and storage space for fins or regulators like the Mares Cruise Backpack New and have well padded and partially reinforced walls. The dive bags in our online dive store provide convenient and practical transportation options with sturdy and well-padded carrying handles, or a sturdy extendable telescopic pole and durable wheels like the Mares Backpack Ppro New dive bag.
These dive bags are a perfect solution for transporting on a plane for your diving equipment, but on a boat or at the lake they are not suitable. At the dive site directly you need for the diving equipment rather a stable diving box like the Mares diving box with practical wheels and sturdy carrying handle, in which even wet diving equipment can be easily stowed and transported in the car. On the dive boat, divers need a space-saving and durable dive bag for diving equipment that is either waterproof like the Mares Dry Bag 75L to be able to transport the wet equipment without the dripping water leaking, or, on the contrary, an air-permeable lightweight bag so that the moisture can escape and the diving equipment can breathe like the Scubapro Boat Mesh Bag or the Scubapro Duffle Bag boat bag.
For especially sensitive equipment like the regulator we offer in our online dive store special regulator bags like the Scubapro regulator bag or the Mares Cruise Reg regulator bag. These regulator bags are particularly well padded and ensure a very safe transport of your valuable regulator through suitable cut and special fastening options. Here we also offer our own regulator bag in the stylish scubaonline design.
All diving bags and regulator bags in our online diving store are processed with particularly solid zippers, tear-resistant material and robust seams.
Also for the ABC equipment that belongs to your diving equipment or snorkeling equipment we offer practical bags in our online dive store. These bags for snorkeling equipment are specially tailored to the dimensions of your diving fins or snorkeling fins, so that they can be easily stowed and transported in your ABC bag.
To protect your personal belongings from water during the dive trip we offer in our online dive store various waterproof bags and boxes.