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Dive computers

Diving without a dive computer is no longer conceivable these days. It is no longer just a question of comfort when diving, because the dive computer does all the calculation and planning work for you while diving, but a dive computer is a safety-relevant part of diving equipment and is a must in many diving schools and diving regions around the world.

A dive computer replaces many diving instruments

A dive computer does more of the work for you than you think. Since a dive computer shows you all the important data during the dive, you don't have to worry about elaborate tables and spreadsheets in advance to calculate your planned dive time or decompression time. This saves you time, work and a lot of instruments that you would otherwise have to carry with you, such as a diving watch, depth gauge, sometimes even a pressure gauge and compass.

Most important tasks of a dive computer

A modern dive computer fulfills an incredible number of tasks in one instrument, but the most important are:

  • diving depth
  • dive time
  • Calculation of the remaining no-decompression time & ascent time
  • Calculation of safety and decompression stops
  • monitoring you air consumption if you have an air-integrated dive computer

Most of the time, your dive computer can do a lot more, and warns you if you dive too deep or ascend too quickly, shows you the temperature, the altitude of the dive site or the time, saves your dives, calculates how long you have to wait for the next dive or until you are allowed to get on a plane and often also takes on the functions of a compass or a pressure gauge. Therefore, diving without a dive computer is simply no longer conceivable.

Suunto, Mares, Scubapro, Aqualung, Garmin, Shearwater and other well-known dive computers

Every well-known manufacturer of diving equipment has already brought its own dive computer onto the market. In our online dive shop we have chosen manufacturers of dive computers who can look back on many years of experience in the field of diving equipment, and whose products are characterized by reliability, functionality and reasonable price-performance ratio. In our online dive shop you will find Mares dive computers, Scubapro dive computers, Oceanic dive computers, Uwatec dive computers, Suunto dive computers, Shearwater dive computers, Garmin dive computers, AquaLung dive computers in many different designs, from simple entry-level dive computers, clear, practical and inexpensive to high-tech Dive computers packed with technology and modern features.

Dive computer with wrist strap or hose

Many divers are still fans of dive consoles, dive computers which can be integrated into a dive console, together with other instruments such as a compass or a pressure gauge. But most divers prefer dive computers with wristbands, whether as dive computers in watch format like most Suunto dive computers or the larger dive computers with wristbands that convince with a large display and good readability even for divers who are not that sharp-eyed anymore.

As in many other areas, the same applies to dive computers: size does not matter! You shouldn't choose your dive computer based on its size, you should choose a dive computer that suits your diving habits and fulfills all the functions you need for diving.

Dive computer as an entry-level model or as a high-end product

Occasional divers who do not dive very often and do not plan to do any demanding dives are well served with a basic dive computer for beginners, as these dive computer models often convince with an unbeatable price-performance ratio. Even the most convenient dive computers in our online dive shop fulfill all the tasks you need for a simple, not demanding dive and reliably show you the depth, remaining no-decompression time, ascent speed, temperature and dive time. In addition, every dive computer in our online shop for diving equipment is a Nitrox dive computer, for Nitrox blends up to at least 50% oxygen.

Advanced divers or diving professionals need more complex dive computers that can process and make available much more dive data. For such divers we offer in our online store for dive gear  dive computers for diving professionals such as diving instructors, dive computers for technical diving, dive computers for Trimix, dive computers for rebreather, dive computers for wreck diving and also dive computers for apnea divers, dive computers for freediving. These high-tech dive computers offer advanced features such as an integrated compass, high-resolution color display with graphical representation of saved dive maps, simultaneous monitoring of up to 10 gases with different blends such as Nitrox with an oxygen content of up to 100% or Trimix, rebreather functions and, if desired, even monitoring of your pulse.

Dive computer with air integration or dive computer without transmitter

Another important consideration for divers is the choice between a classic dive computer without air integration or a dive computer with air integration. An air-integrated dive computer is not just a technical gimmick and not only has the advantage that you can save an additional hose on your regulator, but it is also a significant improvement of your safety while diving. Because a dive computer with air integration monitors your air consumption during the dive via a transmitter and includes this data, your actual air consumption and not just any flat-rate data, in the calculation of all parameters of your dive. Thus, such an air-integrated dive computer calculates your actual current saturation,  no-decompression time or decompression time very accurately and precisely, which can certainly contribute to your safety.

In our online shop you will find different models of Mares dive computer with transmitter, Suunto dive computer with transmitter, Uwatec dive computer with transmitter, Garmin dive computer with transmitter, Scubapro dive computer with transmitter, Aqualung dive computer with transmitter but not only dive computers with tubeless air integration, but also dive computers with air integration via HP-hose.

Accessories for dive computers

Of course, in our online Divestore dive computer we offer you accessories for all of our dive computers, such as spare wrist straps for dive computers, transmitters for dive computers, dive computer bags, battery kits for dive computers, spare batteries for dive computers, screen protectors for dive computers and many other useful dive computer accessories and dive computer spare parts.