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Scuba tanks and weights

The scuba tank and lead weights are not the equipment that a diver takes on a diving holiday, but indispensable equipment for divers who would like to dive in local waters with their own, reliable equipment.

The scuba tank is the heart of your diving equipment

With the diving cylinder alone you are by no means a diver, but on the other hand - nothing works without a dive tank! And hardly any other piece of equipment is as sensitive and needs to be handled as carefully as the scuba cylinder. Therefore, when buying the diving cylinder, make sure that it is a dive tank from a reliable manufacturer and a reliable dealer, and that it is a technically tested diving cylinder. Whether it is a steel tank or an aluminum dive tank, whether it is 10l, 12l or 15l in size, these are secondary considerations - first and foremost, your safety is important, so you should first pay attention to quality and the Technical Control Board (TÜV) seal. In our online shop for diving equipment you can get a large selection of scuba tanks on request, whether compressed air tanks or Nitrox tanks, which are all TÜV-tested and can be adapted to your diving habits and needs.

Accessories for scuba tanks

In order to be ready for use, a diving cylinder still needs one or two accessories for dive tanks. In any case, it makes sense to equip the scuba tank with a boot for scuba tanks, otherwise the cylinder cannot be placed upright and with a carry handle for dive tanks that allows easy transport of the scuba device. To protect the outer shell of the bottle, it is worth putting a tank net over the diving tank, which also ensures that you do not damage the pool edges during diving training, for example. Furthermore, in our online diving shop we offer other useful accessories such as fill checkers for diving tanks or scuba cylinder equalizer to flow the air from one diving cylinder into the other and many other practical accessories for scuba tanks.

Weight belts and weights

Many different types of BCDs, many different divers and many different diving habits mean that even the simple diving lead is no longer what it used to be, that's why you find a quite wide range of weights and weight belts in our online Divestore. Threading a simple piece of lead on the belt is no longer enough. Because the modern BCDs with integrated weight pockets require special weights that do not damage the pockets and allow the use of the popular soft weights, robust Cordura pockets filled with lead granules, which are much more comfortable to carry.

If you don't use a diving jacket with integrated weight pouches, you still need a weight belt, but you can also use such a belt with the practical soft weight pouches, because you can find weight belts with practical pockets for weights in various sizes in our online shop for diving equipment. With these weight belts you can use both the popular soft weights as well as the classic hard lead weights.

And you can also find in our Divestore these tried and tested lead weights for divers in our online dive shop, both as coated lead weights and uncoated lace-thru dive weights and also suitable, classic weight belts with quick release buckles, in different colors and designs.

For divers who dive with a dry suit or divers who want or need to pay particular attention to their buoyancy and leg position, for example cave divers or wreck divers, we also offer a good selection of ankle weights in various weight categories.