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In our online shop for snorkeling equipment you will find a wide range of different snorkels, such as snorkels with valve, snorkels with drytop or dry snorkesl, semi-dry snorkels, classical snorkels, j-tube snorkels, freediving snorkels or kids snorkels. All snorkels in our online shop for water sports are high-quality and reliable snorkels, tested by diving professionals, freedivers and experienced snorkelers.
Now what can be so complicated about a simple plastic tube? Well, comparing the classical very simple, basic snorkel, J-tube snorkels with today's high-tech products like the Scubapro Spectra Dry snorkel or the TUSA Hyperdry Elite 2 snorkel, you will understand how much research and innovation is behind it and how much safer and more comfortable snorkeling has become today.

Snorkel with dry valve / Dry snorkels

For example, a snorkel with a dry valve like the Scubapro Snorkel Fusion Dry, or the TUSA snorkel Hyperdry Elite 2 makes the life of any ambitious snorkeler much easier, as diving underwater while snorkeling becomes very easy. The dry valve at the top of the snorkel closes under pressure and seals the tube of the snorkel immediately upon descent, thus preventing water from entering the snorkel tube. When reaching the surface again the snorkeler can just take a deep breath without having to clear the snorkel first. A snorkel with Drytop, a dry snorkel is a bless for any snorkeler who often dives underwater while snorkelling.

Snorkel with purge valve

However, the most important thing about a high quality snorkel is the purge valve below the mouthpiece of the snorkel, which makes it easy to clear the snorkel with purge valve, like the Scubapro Snorkel Fusion Pro, the Aqualung Air Silicon Valve Snorkel and any other good snorkels. The water in the snorkel's tube is no longer blown through the upper end of the snorkel as in classical, J tube snorkels, but is pushed out of the snorkel with very little effort by the one-way purge valve below the mouthpiece of the snorkel. A snorkel with purge valve is definitely a must for any snorkeler who likes to do longer snorkeling trips where the power needs to be well rationalised, for snorkelers who may not necessarily have the condition of a competitive sportsman, and also for any snorkelers who like it comfortably.

Snorkels with flexible tube / Flextube snorkels

The snorkelers who want to make long and relaxed snorkelling trips, we recommend a flextube snorkel, a snorkel with a flexible tube, as you can see on many snorkels in our online dive shop, such as the Scubapro snorkel Spectra or the TUSA snorkel Hyperdry Elite 2 and many other snorkels. A flexible snorkel tube relieves the neck- and and jaw-muscles of the snorkeler and provides maximum comfort for longer snorkelling trips.

Pocket Snorkels

And for divers who do not like to have their snorkel hanging on the mask strap, but do not want to miss out on a snorkel while diving, we recommend the ingenious foldable snorkel Pocket Snorkel, which can be easily folded by the diver and stowed in the jacket pocket.

Apnea snorkels

Apnea divers or freedivers have very different requirements for their freediving snorkel. Therefore, our online Divestore offers special apnea snorkels or freediving snorkels specially adapted to the needs of freedivers. This apnea snorkels are classical J tube snorkels, but made of modern, light and flexible materials, and you can find them together with other high quality apnea equipment in our special category for freediving.

Children snorkels

For a child it can be unhealthy to use a snorkel for adults. Because the tube volume of an adult snorkel is too large compared to a child's lung volume, and with each breath the child will exhale its own exhaled and used air again, which may lead to an oxygen deficiency. Therefore, it is important to give a child a suitable children snorkel like the snorkel for children you will find in our online shop for snorkeling equipment, where the tube volume, the length and weight of the kids snorkel as well as the size of the mouthpiece are specially adapted to children's needs.
There are many more elaborate details that make a snorkel as you find it in our online dive shop to a high-tech snorkel - a replaceable snorkel mouthpiece, a practical snorkel holder for a good attachment of the snorkel to the snorkel mask or an adjustable splash guard for semi-dry snorkels or snorkels without dry top are features that turn a simple snorkel into a high-end product, and guarantee maximum comfort and safety for everyone.

Whether dry snorkel with dry valve or snorkel with purge valve, semi-dry snorkel or basic j-tube snorkel, Scubapro snorkel, Mares snorkel or TUSA snorkel, in our online dive shop every diver and every snorkeler will find the perfect snorkel, and of course the matching snorkel accessories, such as snorkel mouthpiece, snorkel mount and much more. You will also find high-quality snorkel masks and snorkel fins in our online dive shop.