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Buoyancy Jackets

Choosing the right jacket
The fun factor of a dive stands and falls with sensible, reliable and well-fitting diving equipment. And a diver's buoyancy jacket plays one of the most important roles in this. The diving jacket must reliably fulfill many important tasks during diving: it ensures optimal buoyancy, it safely and comfortably carries the vital air cylinder, it holds the complete diving equipment together, stores important diving accessories or tools in its many pockets and compartments, a diver attaches his valuable instruments, his lamp or his camera to the many D-rings and eyelets, usually carries the lead weight and it ensures that the diver safely reaches the water surface again after the dive.
Therefore, a diver must pay attention to many features when choosing his buoyancy jacket to find in any case the right dive jacket for his diving habits, his diving environment and the rest of his diving equipment. Because a buoyancy jacket must not only fit well - that is of course one of the most important aspects when buying a dive jacket, no question, but that alone does not ensure perfect dives.
A vacation diver will not need the same buoyancy jacket as an instructor, just as an ice diver will not need the same jacket as a Maldives diver, and a deep diver will not want the same BCD as a coral garden diver.
ADV Jacket, Wing Jacket or Hybrid Jacket
First and foremost, a diver must decide if he needs an ADV Jacket like the Scubapro Jacket Glide-X or the Aqualung Buoyancy Jacket Axiom, a Wing Jacket like the Hollis Buoyancy Jacket HD 200 or the Scubapro Wingjacket Litehawk. The diver who can not decide, can buy a hybrid jacket like the Mares buoyancy compensator Hybrid Pure MRS+ Jacket. Also divers come in our online dive store at their expense, because as diving professionals we know that with divers a diving jacket often only fits when the manufacturer of the diving jacket has taken into account the peculiarities of the female physique in the cut of the diving jacket, such as the Scubapro women's jacket Bella. Divers who fly a lot on vacation should choose a buoyancy control jacket with few accessories and not so heavy materials, so a lightweight travel jacket like the Scubapro travel jacket GO. Diving professionals or tech divers who need a heavy-duty jacket that can handle a lot of equipment and accessories and must withstand a lot of stress should choose a very robust jacket, with extremely tear-resistant material, a lot of storage space and numerous attachment options, such as the Scubapro buoyancy jacket X-Force which you can find in our online dive store.
Jackets with classic inflator or with alternative inflation system
Of course, when choosing your dream jacket, you can also pay attention to many other details such as the choice between a classic inflator on your dive jacket or an alternative inflation and deflation technology of the jacket such as the I3 system of the Aqualung Axiom i3 buoyancy jacket, the different tank attachment straps, the number of weight pockets, dive knife attachment system and many other practical features that make the high-quality buoyancy jackets in our online dive store so popular.
Whether Mares buoyancy compensator or Oceanic dive jacket, Scubapro buoyancy compensator or Hollis buoyancy compensator, the important thing is that the dive jacket fits - to your physique, to your ideas and of course to your wallet. Have fun choosing your dream buoyancy control jacket!