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Dive computer without air integration

If you want to buy a dive computer, you have come to the right place in our online shop for diving equipment, because we offer you a high-quality selection of dive computers. In our dive computer Divestore you will find dive computers from well-known manufacturers such as Mares dive computers, Suunto dive computers, Uwatec dive Computers, Scubapro dive computers, Garmin dive computers, Shearwater dive computers or Aqualung dive computers and other test winners dive computers that convince with reliability, performance and user-friendliness.

A dive computer does all the dive calculations for you

Because no diver likes to carry along all the tables and lists you need to prepare a reasonable dive planning, and learn by heart and apply the pretty complicated formulas. And that's exactly what dive computers are for - to store all necessary information and do the calculations you need for diving and dive planning.

A reliable dive computer doesn't have to be expensive

Even the basic entry-level dive computers show you all the data you need for a safe dive: depth, dive time, maximum depth, bottom time, temperature, ascent speed, safety stop, surface time, etc. These basic dive computers like some entry-level  Suunto dive computers or Mares dive computers therefore offer everything a diver needs in the beginning and convince with good functionality and an unbelievable price-performance ratio. by the was - all dive computers in our online divestore are Nitrox compatible.

Advanced divers need advanced dive computers

For demanding dives that go beyond the limits of normal recreational diving, for instance if you want to dive a little deeper, a little longer or a little more special, we offer high-performance dive computers with advanced features in our online Divestore. These dive computers for diving professionals are high-tech dive computers that even help you navigate during your dive with an integrated, digital compass, graphically plot your diving profile or the diving map of your dive site on the high-resolution color display, calculate with up to 20 breathing gases such as compressed air, Nitrox with up to 100% Oxygen or Trimix with Helium up to 95%, measure your pulse while diving and grow with your diving experience!

Rely on an experienced dive computer manufacturer

In our online dive shop we have chosen manufacturers of dive computers with many years of experience in the area of diving equipment, whose products have been distinguished by reliability, functionality and reasonable price-performance ratio. You will find in our online dive shop Mares Dive Computer, Scubapro Dive Computer, Garmin Dive Computer, Uwatec Dive Computer, Suunto Dive Computer, Aqualung dive computer and Shearwater dive computers in many different versions, from simple entry-level dive computers, clear and convenient, to high-tech dive computers.

Dive computer with wristband or diving instrument console

Dive computers with wrist straps are the most popular devices among divers, regardless of whether they are dive computers in watch format, such as the Suunto D-series dive computers or the powerful Garmin dive computers. Even if these dive computers are small, they shine because of their "intrinsic values", because they are packed with modern technology and lots of practical features.

But you can also integrate the dive computer into a console, together with other diving instruments such as pressure gauges or depth gauges.

Dive computer with transmitter

If you are not sure whether you want an air-integrated dive computer or a dive computer without air integration, it is good to know that some of the dive computers without transmitters that you can find here in our divestore can also be upgraded to a dive computer with air integration by buing a matching transmitter for dive computers.

And if you are a fan of air integration, you will be pleased to see that a dive computer with a transmitter does not have to cost a fortune, because not all air-integrated dive computers are high-performance computers, and even a basic dive computer can be equipped with a transmitter for a very good price-performance ratio.

Accessories for dive computers

Of course, in our online Divestore dive computer we offer you accessories for all of our dive computers, such as spare wrist straps for dive computers, transmitters for dive computers, dive computer bags, battery kits for dive computers, spare batteries for dive computers, screen protectors for dive computers and many other useful dive computer accessories and dive computer spare parts.