Tank Pod Multi colour black

Category: Eon Core

  • for D5, Eon Core and Eon Steel
  • easy pairing
  • Multiple Tank Pressure readings
  • robust digital Communications Technology
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The Suunto Tank Pod Multi

The Suunto Tank Pod Multi is a transmitter for Suunto dive computers, a Suunto wireless tank pressure transmitter, for Suunto dive computers like Suunto EON Steel, Suunto EON Core or Suunto D5 dive computers.

The Suunto Tank Pod transmitter for Suunto dive computers is the transmitter that turns a standard Suunto dive computer such as Suunto EON Steel, EON Core or D5 without transmitter into a high-tech Suunto dive computer with air integration.

Suunto Tank Pod Multi can simply be mounted into the 1st stage high pressure port of your regulator instead of the pressure gauge, and can be easily and intuitively paired with the Suunto Dive Computer - and in a tick you have all the important dive parameters on the display of your dive computer, including tank pressure and current air consumption. Instead of having to monitor the pressure of your air tank on the separate pressure gauge, it is simply transmitted by the Suunto transmitter to the Suunto dive computer. Thus, not only do you know your actual tank pressure, but also your current air consumption and your personalized saturation, making your dive even safer.

The Suunto Tank Pod Transmitter for Suunto Dive Computer is wrapped in a pressure tested and unbreakable case in which Suunto has packed a lot of modern communication technology to ensure a stable and secure transmission of your vital air data.

You can also find the compatbile Suunto dive computers in our online dive shop. And of course we also offer the right battery kit for Suunto transmitters in our Divestore.


Wireless transmitter for tank pressure
Operating mode: with battery
Fits: Suunto dive computers Eon Steel, Eon Core and D5
Can be mounted on: all standard HD ports of diving regulator.

Bedienungsanleitung Suunto Tank Pod (Deutsch)