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Dive computer with air integration

In our online shop for diving equipment you will find a wide range of dive computers with air integration, dive computers with transmitters, from well-known manufacturers such as Suunto dive computers, Mares dive computers, Uwatec dive computers, Scubapro dive computers, Garmin dive computers, Shearwater dive computers or Aqualung dive computers.

Air integration means more accurate data and therefore more safety

What really makes the difference between a dive computer with air integration, between a dive computer with transmitter and a "normal" dive computer without transmitter? Is it just a technical gimmick, a matter of convenience for divers who do not want to read multiple displays while scuba diving, or do not want to have as many hoses attached to their 1st stage, or is there more to it?

Definitely - it's more about dive computers with air integration! It's not only the comfortable fact that you can do without an additional instrument - in this case the pressure gauge - but there is even more safety for the diver, and you cannot have enough of that when diving. Dive computers with air integration measure permanently and display the pressure in you dive tank and monitor the air consumption while diving. These data are included in all further calculations of the dive parameters such as saturation, ground time, deco time. Thus, this dive computer not only calculates general data based on research and experience, but also takes into account the actual air consumption of the diver during this dive and thus provides personalized and very accurate dive parameters that cannot be surpassed in safety. Because every diver knows how different air consumption can be! Whether smoker or non-smoker, nervous diving newcomer or deeply relaxed dive professional, well-trained scuba diver or not so fit casual diver – some divers can dive for 90 minutes with a 12-liter tanks and others are already after half an hour on reserve. It is clear to every diver that there must be a big difference in tissue saturation - and that's exactly what a dive computer with air integration takes into account.

A good dive computer manufacturer is characterized by experience, research and innovation

In our online dive shop we have chosen manufacturers of dive computers with many years of experience in the area of diving equipment, whose products have been distinguished by reliability, functionality and reasonable price-performance ratio. You will find in our online dive shop Mares Dive Computer, Scubapro Dive Computer, Garmin Dive Computer, Uwatec Dive Computer, Suunto Dive Computer, Shearwater dive computers and Aqualung Dive computers in many different versions, from simple entry-level dive computers, clear and practical, to high-tech dive computers, packed with technology and modern features.

Entry-level dive computer with air integration

More technology costs more money, no question - but what does security cost? However, a dive computer with transmitter does not have to cost a fortune - it may also be the simpler model of dive computer with air integration, such as some basic Suunto dive computer with transmitter or Mares dive computer with transmitter, which score with very convincing functionality and unbeatable price-performance ratio.

High end dive computers with air integration

The way is upwardly open -  the manufacturers of dive computers just seem to get into their stride and are packing more and more features and technology into their high-end dive computers. These powerful dive computers are not only suitable as popular tech toys for demanding sports divers but primarily as advanced dive computers for professional divers, such as dive computers for tech divers, dive computers for diving instructors, dive computers for wreck divers, Trimix dive computers, Closed Circuit Rebreather dive computers and much more. These dive computers are equipped with special features for demanding dives beyond the limits of normal recreational diving and offer functions such as an integrated compass, high-resolution color display with graphical representation of stored dive maps, simultaneous monitoring of up to 20 gases with different blends such as Nitrox with an oxygen content of up to 100% or Trimix with helium up to 95%, CCR functions and, if desired, even monitoring of your pulse.

Even a dive computer can grow with its tasks

In addition, some of these advanced dive computers can be adjusted to the personal needs of the diver and thus accompany a diver from his first underwater adventure to demanding extended range dives and "grow with him".

In our dive computer divestore you will also find, for example, dive computers that can be used with or without air integration. So you can buy a dive computer without a suitable transmitter and with increasing diving experience you can upgrade it to an air-integrated dive computer by simply ordering a suitable transmitter for the dive computer and connecting it with your dive computer.

Dive computer with hose air integration

Air integration is also possible without a transmitter, when the dive computer is connected directly by HD hose to the 1st stage. This is not the proper solution for divers who would like to reduce the number of hoses on their diving equipment, but in any case for divers who would like to enjoy the safety of a dive computer with air integration, but do not want to spend quite as much money for a dive computer. In our online dive shop you will find some dive computers with hose-air integration which you can order and spily attach to the HP-port of your regulator.

Accessories for dive computers

Of course, in our online Divestore dive computer we offer you accessories for all of our dive computers, such as spare wrist straps for dive computers, transmitters for dive computers, dive computer bags, battery kits for dive computers, spare batteries for dive computers, screen protectors for dive computers and many other useful dive computer accessories and dive computer spare parts.