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Neoprene clothing for snorkeling

A neoprene suit offers a variety of protection while snorkeling: primarily cold protection in somewhat fresher water, UV protection in regions with strong sunlight but also injury protection. The latter is very important especially when snorkeling near reefs or in waters where there is a risk of stinging from jellyfish or corals.

Long wetsuits for snorkeling
In colder water or in waters with a high risk of injury, it is recommended to wear a long wetsuit while snorkeling, such as the thin and comfortable W30 Overall 2.5mm wetsuit from Waterproof or the popular Billabong wetsuit Synergy 3x2 BZ LS Steamer, which leaves nothing to be desired in terms of comfort and mobility.

Neoprene Shortys
Many snorkelers prefer a short wetsuit, i.e. a neoprene shorty like the Scubapro Definition Neoprene Shorty for snorkeling, the Waterproof Neoprene W30 Shorty or the Billabong Neoprene Shorty Synergy 2x2 BZ SS Spring which guarantee maximum freedom of movement due to short sleeves and legs, and still offer optimal cold protection for the upper body.

Neoprene shirts and neoprene shorts
Alternatively, you can also resort to a combination of neoprene shirt and neoprene shorts when snorkeling, which offers you many possibilities of use. In our snorkel online store you can find neoprene shirts from Mares or neoprene shirts from Waterproof like the Waterproof U30 Undervest Lady or Man in combination with the neoprene shorts from Mares or the Waterproof T30 neoprene shorts. These neoprene shorts and neoprene shirts for snorkeling can of course also be used as underwear for diving.

Wetsuits for children
For children, protection from the cold is especially important, and not only when snorkeling. It is not easy to constantly chase children out of the water on vacation, but even warm water can quickly lower the body temperature of the sensitive child's body into a critical range. So it is better to take precautions and let the children have fun - with a suitable wetsuit for children you protect your child threefold against sunburn, against cold and against injuries and nettles when doing water sports or playing.  The wetsuits for kids in our online store for snorkeling equipment are very light and thin, yet efficient. The neoprene shorty for kids Seahorse kids shorty is made of a combination of neoprene and lycra material to protect the child at the same time from hypothermia in the water but also from overheating when playing on the beach. The Scubapro Rebel Shorty 2,5mm is made of high quality elastic neoprene and is ideal as a wetsuit for water sports for children.

Care products for neoprene
So that you have long joy with your neoprene suit for snorkeling, you will find in our online store for snorkeling equipment also suitable care products for neoprene such as neoprene shampoo or odor remover for neoprene as well as optimal storage and transport options for neoprene such as hangers for neoprene to let the wetsuit dry well and store in the closet, and also special snorkel bags or dive bags to transport your wetsuit and the rest of your snorkeling equipment as safely as possible.