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Accessories for dive computers

In our online dive shop, we offer you useful accessories for dive computers, such as accessories for Mares dive computers, accessories for Suunto dive computers, accessories for Uwatec dive computers and many other dive computers. Accessories for dive computers include, for example, spare batteries for dive computers and replacement batteries for dive computer transmitters, such as dive computer battery covers and suitable o-rings for dive computers, dive computer screen protectors, dive computer spare watchstraps, dive computer interface and many more.

Battery kit / spare batteries for dive computers and transmitters
In our online shop for diving equipment, we offer spare batteries for all dive computers in our online Divestore where the battery can be changed by the user.
A Mares Dive Computer Battery Kit, an Uwatec Dive Computer Battery Kit, a Suunto Dive Computer Battery Kit, or a Scubapro Dive Computer Battery Kit contains a spare battery for Mares Dive Computer, Uwatec Dive Computer Spare Battery, Suunto Dive Computer Spare Battery, or Scubapro Spare Battery for Dive computer and if necessary, the matching O-rings, battery cover or the necessary tools for the battery change. You will also find spare batteries for transmitters of air-integrated dive computers in our online Divestore.
Partially, the battery cover for dive computers and the O-rings for dive computers can also be ordered separately.
Nevertheless, we recommend that every diver carry out the battery replacement of his dive computer and the battery change of his transmitter in a specialized workshop. You are welcome to send us your dive computer or transmitter for battery replacement so that we can change the battery in our qualified workshop.

Screen protectors for dive computers
To protect the sensitive display of your dive computer from scratches and other damage, it is advisable to attach a suitable screen protector for dive computers  above it. In our online dive shop you will find suitable display protectors for most dive computers, display covers for dive computers. Such a screen protector for Mares dive computer, screen protector for Uwatec dive computer, screen protector for Suunto dive computer or screen protector for Scubapro dive computer usually consists of scratch-resistant material, plastic or acrylic, and can be easily and without tools attached to the dive computer.
You can also find in our online divestore protective foil for dive computer.

Interface for dive computers
In order to be able to read your data from your dive computer and download it to a computer, but also to upload an update to your dive computer, you need an interface for dive computers.
In our online shop for diving equipment you will find the right interface for dive computers, data cables for dive computers, USB cables for dive computers, dive computer ports, and also special interfaces such as the Mares Blue Link Interface, the Mares Drak USB Interface or Mares Dive Link USB Interface, and Suunto interface.

Watchstraps for dive computers and Watchstrap extension for dive computers
A dive computer watchstrap is usually a sturdy and tear-resistant wriststrap, but at some point you may need a replacement watchstrap for dive computers. For the dive computers that we offer in our online shop for diving equipment you will find in our online Divestore suitable spare watchstrap for dive computers, such as elastomere watchstrap for dive computers or stainless steel watchstrap for dive computers, and also suitable spring pin for dive computer watchstrap.
If your dive computer's watchstrap is not long enough to fit over a dry suit, for example, you can find a useful extension for dive computer wriststrap in our online dive shop.

Transmitter for dive computers
Some dive computers have optional air integration, which means you can buy these dive computers with or without the associated transmitter. Subsequently, you can upgrade your dive computer with a suitable transmitter for dive computers and thus transform it into an air-integrated dive computer. In addition, we offer in our online dive shop suitable Scubapro transmitters for dive computers, Mares transmitters for dive computers, Uwatec transmitters for dive computers or Suunto transmitters for dive computers.

Other dive computer accessories
In our online shop for diving equipment you will find many more useful accessories for dive computers, including the popular HR belt for dive computers, with which you can turn your dive computer (insofar it is equipped with the right software and hardware from the factory!) into a dive computer with heart rate monitor.
You will also find in our online Diveshop useful HD hose extender for transmitters of air-integrated dive computer or a Suunto high-pressure clutch.

If you dive with a dive computer with air integration over HD hoses, you should also think of a replacement HD hose for dive computers on longer journeys, which you will also find in our online Divestore, but in the category of regulator / regulator accessories.