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Dive torches

You don't know which dive lamp is best for diving? In our diving equipment online shop you will find dive lights that we have subjected to a diving lamp test so that we can only offer you safe and reliable dive lights. In order to find the perfect dive light for you, take a look at our dive torch consulting.

Not every waterproof lamp is suitable as a diving lamp

A diving lamp must be subjected to a dive light test under increased pressure in order to withstand the water pressure during a dive. This is not the case with every underwater lamp. Many waterproof torches are only splash-proof and can only be used in spray water or in very shallow waters.

All underwater lamps in our online diving shop are tested diving lamps that are suitable for use at greater depths. The maximum depth of use of each diving lamp from our online divestore can be found in the technical description of teach dive torch.

Long life diving lamps

There are several factors that can increase the life of a diving lamp. First of all, you should pay attention to the light source and preferably use an LED dive light, as these are the most economical dive lamps.

It is just as important to use high-performance rechargeable batteries, alternatively high-quality batteries. In our online diving shop you will also find diving lamps with rechargeable batteries and spare batteries, meaning two included batteries that you can then alternately charge and use.

In our diving equipment online shop you will also find diving lamps with different light levels. These dive lamps with adjustable brightness allow you to use just as much light as you actually need, which also extends the burning time considerably.

It has to be said most diving lamps in our online shop for diving equipment offer a minimum burn time of 1 hour or more, which is easily enough for an average dive.

Size doesn't (always) matter

In fact, the times of the bulky Hartenberger diving lamps with handle and external battery pack are over now for "normal" scuba divers. The size of the diving torch no longer says anything about its luminous power. If you used to need a 2 pound heavy, beer bottle-sized hand lamp to get your 400-500 lumens underwater, you can do it today with an underwater lamp that is just the size of a lipstick and weighs less than 100gr.

In our diving equipment shop you will find small diving lamps with a powerful light beam of more than 1200 Lumen while weighing just as much as 2 bars of chocolate, easily fitting into your BCD pocket, with a burn time of approx. one and a half hours at full power.

Large diving lamps do not always have the greatest luminosity, but often hide more powerful or multiple batteries and are often multifunctional, which explains the larger format and possibly the higher price.

Therefore, do not choose your diving light by size, but pay attention to the technical data about luminous power and burning time, eventually adjustable brightness and choose the dive torch that best suits your equipment, your diving habits and your budget.

Multifunctional diving lamp

Divers who need their underwater lamp for multiple purposes will find a good selection of multifunctional diving lights in our diving equipment online shop.

For example, you will find dive lights that can be used both as a waterproof torch and as an underwater photo light, a lamp that can be combined with an underwater camera to an underwater photo set.

Underwater lamps with an adjustable beam angle are also very suitable for photography, as you can adjust the angle of the light cone from a narrow spot to a wide light court, depending on whether you are taking macro photography or wide-angle shots.

Or you will find diving lamps with a variety of attachment options, which you can attach to your jacket with a spiral cable, to the back of your hand with a hand strap, or to your diving mask, for example.

A diver's lamp with adjustable brightness can be used as a day lamp at a low light level and on full power as the main lamp on a night dive or wreck dive. Many of these multifunctional lamps also have an emergency signal, for example an SOS flashing signal or an emergency flashlight.

Attachment for diving torches

Depending on the area of  application, you will find a large selection of attachments for diving lamps in our online diving shop, such as spiral lanyards in various lengths which you can use to securely attach diving lamps to the diving jacket and still have enough lanyard length to use the lamp freely while diving without losing it.

Alternatively, you can attach smaller diving torches to your hand with a special hand handle for dive torches.

Since some diving lamps can also be used outside the water as waterproof lamps for outdoor activities, you will also find handles for lamps, hand straps for lamps and bicycle handlebar mountings for lamps in our Divestore.

For photo lights and video lamps you will find various handles for diving lamps, adapters, ball-joints, grips and trays which you can use to attach these photo/video-lights to an underwater camera in the Photo & Video Accessories.