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Demanding swimmers will find a good selection of swimsuits made of neoprene in various designs and material thicknesses in our online shop for water sports, high-quality neoprene swimsuits that are very suitable as swimsuits for cold water or swimsuits for open water.

Swimming suits as protection against the cold

Swimmers who enjoy their favorite hobby not only in the warm indoor pool but also like to jump into the cold lake, river or sea in autumn or winter need a little more clothing than just a bathing suit to protect themselves against the cold water. For those swimmers, who need to protect at least their upper body, we offer a wide range of short neoprene swimsuits, so called neoprene shorty, a wetsuit with short arms and legs. If you want to do without long sleeves when swimming, you can alternatively wear a neoprene shirt and/or neoprene shorts.

For swimming in very cold water or for long swimming distances most swimmers need a long wetsuit, a neoprene overall with long arms and legs. You can find such neoprene swimsuits in our online shop for swimming equipment in different neoprene thicknesses, from 1.5 mm to 3 mm. Thicker wetsuits, such as 5mm wetsuits and 7mm wetsuits, can be found in the diving clothing category.

Too much neoprene means too much buoyancy

When choosing the right wetsuit for swimmers, you must definitely consider the material thickness, as more neoprene automatically means more buoyancy, and this is not desirable when swimming. We therefore recommend wetsuits with a maximum material thickness of 3mm for swimmers, meaning a 3mm neoprene overall or neoprene shorty. As already mentioned, you will also find 5mm wetsuits or 7mm wetsuits in our online shop for water sports, but these are mainly used as diving wetsuits, as they are not ideal as swimming suits due to their high buoyancy and restricted mobility.

There is no such thing like “to cold water”

Ambitious swimmers cannot be intimidated by some cold water! If you start on time, the temperature resilience of your body will enhance step by step and soon you will get used to cold water, and if it gets too fresh, you can gradually help with neoprene clothing for swimmers. From the thin neoprene shirt and neoprene shorts to long wetsuits - we have everything a swimmer needs to brave the cold. The neoprene shirts and neoprene shorts can also be worn under the long wetsuit at low temperatures, even as an undergarment.

And in order to optimally protect the rest of the body when swimming in cold water, for example while ice swimming, you must also protect well your extremities, meaning your head, hands and feet, as these are the first to freeze if the body loses too much heat. In our online shop for swimming equipment, we offer you a large selection of neoprene shoes and neoprene socks, neoprene gloves and neoprene hoods, as well as other swimming accessories such as swimming caps.

Prevent overheating

When wearing a swimsuit made of neoprene, you must always bear in mind that this material is not breathable and a wetsuit should only be worn if you want to protect yourself from the cold. Even if some athletes use the extraordinary warmth of neoprene to give their body a "sauna effect" while exercising, you should only get used to it gradually. If you wear a wetsuit in high temperature environments or in strong, direct sunlight, your body can quickly overheat. A wetsuit can be almost as sweaty as going to the sauna, and you have to regulate that with adequate hydration and appropriate cooling afterwards. Therefore, if you are looking for a swimsuit for warm temperatures and if you want to protect yourself from direct sun exposure when swimming, you should rather use a Lycra shirt, meaning a UV-protection shirt, a shirt with sun protection. You will also find matching UV trousers and UV overall made from this material, full body Lycra suits with sun protection, in the diving UV protection category.

A wetsuit can be useful in many water sports

If you buy a wetsuit in our online shop, you can of course not only wear it as a swimsuit, but also as a wetsuit for snorkeling, surfing suit, wetsuit for canoeing or SUP and many other aquatic sports.