Pressure Gauges

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The Finimeter or Diving Manometer

A lot depends on a reliable finimeter when diving - because without breathing air underwater nothing works.
Whether Mares Finimeter, Suunto Finimter, Scubapro Finimeter, Oceanic Finimeter or Mares Finimeter, a finimeter or dive manometer must function properly, must be robust to withstand the rigors of demanding dives without problems, and must be easy to read. The finimeters in our online dive store meet these requirements without restrictions because we offer divers instruments from manufacturers who have distinguished themselves by very high quality and absolute reliability. The experienced manufacturers of finimeters such as Scubapro, Suunto, Mares or Oceanic build professional finimeters with copper beryllium spiral or with the reliable Bourdon tube technology.

The finimeters from Scubapro, Suunto, finimeters from Mares or finimeters from Oceanic in our online dive store offer not only reliable air display up to a pressure of 300 or even 400 bar like the Oceanic Finimeter Slimline Pro but much more - fluorescent display, sturdy workmanship, unbreakable housing, compact dimensions, light weight that does not unnecessarily weigh down when diving, like the Mares Finimeter Mission 1 or the Sunto Finimeter or even an additional temperature display like the Oceanic Finimeter Slimline Pro.

These dive finimeters are mounted on the end of a high quality and robust HD hose and attached to the buoyancy jacket using the attachment eyelet or directly on the hose with a finimeter holder anchor, carabiner or retractor. Matching HD hose, finimeter holder and other mounting options for finimeters can of course also be found in our online dive store.

The Scubapro Finimeter, Mares Finimeter and Oceanic Finimeter you can find as a single instrument for diving in our online dive store, can also be combined in 2 or 3 consoles so instrument combinations. Such diving instrument consoles from Mares, Scubapro consoles or Aqualung consoles can of course also be found here in our online store for diving equipment.