Swimming Goggles

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Swimming goggles

If you want to buy high-quality swimming goggles, then you have come to the right place in our online shop for water sports. Because here you find a wide range of swim goggles for water sports enthusiasts, professional swimming goggles such as Aquasphere swimming goggles that pass every swimming goggle test as well as swimming goggles for competitions, swimming goggles with prescription, swimming goggles for children, mirror swimming goggles, tinted swimming goggles, swimming goggles with UV protection and many other swimming goggles that meet high quality and safety standards.

Because regardless of whether you are an occasional swimmer or a high-performance swimmer - every swimmer needs good swimming goggles. And good swim goggles require an optimal fit, high-quality materials and a well thought-out design.

Excellent fit thanks to high quality silicone seal

The AquaSphere swimming goggles in our online swim shop consist of a very hard-wearing and flexible silicone seal that softly adapts to your face preventing painful pressure and water ingress while swimming. With high-quality swimming goggles, it is important that the flexibility of the material remains unchanged over a long period of time and even with frequent use in chlorinated water or salt water, which guarantees a permanent good fit.  Therefore you need swimming goggles with a silicone seal, like all swimming goggles in our online shop.

Swimming goggles in different shapes

In our online shop for swimming equipment you will find swimming goggles in different sizes and designs, from the small classic swimming goggles with small lenses and flexible nose bridge that only covers the eyes when swimming, to larger swimming goggles with wider lenses, a wide field of vision and a fixed nose bridge covers a larger area around the eyes, so that there is a suitable swimming goggle for every face and every taste.

Swimming goggles for children

Even the smallest swimmers will find suitable swimming goggles in our online shop for swimming equipment, because we also offer some swimming goggles for children so that your child also has good swimming goggles that fit well and optimally protect their eyes.

Swimming goggles for women

We also offer some lady swimming goggles for women that are not only aimed at women in terms of color and design, but also convince with a narrower fit.

Swimming goggles with UV protection and coloured lenses

The shaded swimming goggles with coloured lenses that you can find in our online shop for water sports are tinted swimming goggles with UV protection that are particularly suitable for use in very sunny areas or for swimmers with UV-sensitive or light-sensitive eyes. You can of course also find tinted swimming goggles for children in our online swimming shop.

Swimming goggles with prescription

Swimmers do not need to do without a visual aid when swimming, because in our online shop for swimming equipment you will also find swimming goggles with prescription, i.e. swimming goggles with optical lenses. The matching optical lenses for swimming goggles with prescription can also be found here in our online swimming shop and you can easily install them yourself without tools.

Swimming goggles accessories

Your really don't want to cancel your swimming training because of a torn swimming goggle strap, so you'd better order right away a spare strap for swimming goggles in our online shop for swim gear.

Here you can also find other useful accessories for swimmers, such as swimming suits, flotation devices or swimming caps and useful accessories for other water sports such as surfing, SUP, aqua aerobics, snorkeling, freediving and diving.