Snorkels with Valves

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Snorkels with valve

In our online Divestore you find a wide range of modern snorkels with valves, such as snorkels with dry top or dry snorkels, and snorkels with purge valve under the snorkel mouthpiece.
Snorkel with dry valve / Dry snorkels
A dry snorkel or a snorkel with a dry valve like the Scubapro Snorkel Fusion Dry, or the TUSA snorkel Hyperdry Elite 2 makes the life of any ambitious snorkeler much easier, as diving underwater while snorkelling becomes very easy. The dry valve at the top of the snorkel closes under pressure and seals the tube of the snorkel immediately upon descent, thus preventing water from entering the snorkel tube. When reaching the surface again the snorkeler can just take a deep breath without having to clear the snorkel first. A snorkel with Drytop, a dry snorkel is a bless for any snorkeler who often dives underwater while snorkelling. Snorkelers using classical J tube snorkels often end up by swallowing a lot of sea water and losing their fun in snorkelling.
Snorkels with purge valve
Most snorkels used for normal snorkelling (not for freediving or diving) today, have a purge valve at the lower end of the snorkel tube, placed under the mouthpiece of the snorkel. This purge valve is one of the most important features of a safe, high quality snorkel as it makes it easy to clear the snorkel, even after a long and exhausting snorkeling trip, when you are out of breath, and you wouldn’t have enough power to purge an old-fashioned J tube snorkel without purge valve. The purge valve of the modern snorkels can thus prevent you from choking and swallowing water while snorkeling. Most modern snorkels in our online Divestore have a purge valve, such as the Scubapro Snorkel Fusion Pro, the Aqualung Air Silicon Valve Snorkel and most other good snorkels. The water in the snorkel's tube is no longer blown through the upper end of the snorkel as in classical, J tube snorkels, but is pushed out of the snorkel with very little effort by the one-way purge valve below the mouthpiece of the snorkel. A snorkel with purge valve is definitely a must for any snorkel who likes to do longer snorkeling trips where the power needs to be well rationalised, for snorkelers who may not necessarily have the condition of a competitive sportsman, and also for any snorkelers who like it comfortably.
The purge valve is also important for children snorkels, as kids often don’t have the power to keep on purging the snorkel tube over and over again for an entire snorkel trip, and may risk to swallow sea water and choke. So have a look at the snorkels for children in our online Divestore, as all our kids snorkels have a purge valve.
For extra comfort while snorkeling, you can choose in our online Diveshop among a wide range of dry snorkels, semi-dry snorkels and snorkels with purge valve, which also have other practical features such as flexible tube to relieve the jaw and neck muscles during snorkeling, a replaceable snorkel mouthpiece, a practical snorkel mount for a good attachment of the snorkel to the snorkel mask or an adjustable splash guard for semi-dry snorkels without a dry valve.
Whether snorkel with dry top or snorkel with purge valve, Scubapro snorkel or TUSA snorkel, in our online dive shop every diver and every snorkeler will find the perfect snorkel, and of course the matching snorkel accessories, such as snorkel mouthpiece, snorkel mount and much more. You will also find high-quality snorkel masks and snorkel fins in our online dive shop.