Snorkelmask Accessories

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Snorkel mask accessories

A high-quality snorkel mask is half the battle, but if you want to enjoy your snorkel mask for a long time, you will always need snorkel mask accessories such as spare parts, care products or prescription lenses.

Spare mask straps for snorkel masks

The mask strap of a high-quality snorkel mask is mostly made of robust silicone, or, in some cases, of tear-resistant textile fabric, but with intensive use, after frequent use in salt water and extensive sun exposure, every mask strap can get broken. It therefore makes sense to always have a suitable spare strap for snorkelling masks with you so that you don't have to give up your snorkeling tour while on vacation. In our online shop for snorkeling equipment we offer a good selection of different spare mask straps for snorkel masks, made of silicone and also made of durable textile fabric in different colours.

To protect your mask strap but also your hair, we recommend using a neoprene cover for mask strap, a neoprene mask cover that can be pulled over the normal silicone mask strap.

Spare parts for snorkel masks

But not only the mask strap may need replacement at some point, but also other parts of your snorkel mask can, after a while, suffer from material fatigue and show defects. Therefore, in our online shop for snorkeling equipment, you will also find other spare parts for snorkel masks, such as mask buckles or mask frames that you can install yourself.

Prescription glasses for snorkeling masks

For snorkelers who need prescription glasses, we offer a range of prescription snorkel masks in our online shop for water sports equipment. With these snorkel masks with prescription lenses, the existing simple glasses can be replaced with regular prescription lenses. The glasses can be installed in our workshop and save you the high costs of a custom-made snorkel mask from an optician.

Care products for snorkel masks

If you want to enjoy your snorkel mask for a long time, you should always give it careful treatment and regular care.
A matching mask box for snorkel masks guarantees, for example, correct storage in order to avoid unpopular transport damage.
The consistent use of anti-fogging agents ensures a clear view underwater and prevents damage caused by the use of alternative "household remedies" against fogging up.
The use of suitable cleaning agents and disinfectants for snorkel masks protects the material of your snorkel mask and thus significantly extends its service life.
Therefore, get yourself a reasonable range of high-quality care products for snorkel masks – it is worth it!

Capture your snorkeling adventures on your GoPro

If you would like to film the underwater world with your GoPro while snorkeling, it makes perfect sense if you have your hands free. You can easily attach the lightweight and compact GoPro to your snorkel mask, and we provide you with suitable GoPro mask mounts in our online shop that you can attach yourself and remove again as required.

Now nothing stands in the way of your snorkeling adventure, because you will find everything else you need for snorkeling in our online shop, such as snorkels, fins, UV protection clothing, snorkel clothing and much more.