Snorkel Accessories

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Snorkel accessories

A high quality snorkel, whether dry snorkel, classic j-tube snorkel without valve, children snorkel, semi-dry snorkel or freediving snorkel, snorkel for diving or front-snorkel, snorkel for water polo or snorkel for underwater rugby, will join you reliably for a long time while practicing your favorite water sports. The snorkels in our online dive shop, are exquisite snorkels, tested by professional divers, swimmers and snorkelers, snorkels from reputable manufacturers like Mares snorkels, Scubapro snorkels or TUSA snorkels, robust and reliable snorkels for demanding water sports enthusiasts.
However, even the highest quality snorkel has wear and tear parts that can sometimes falter after intensive use, such as the snorkel mouthpiece or the snorkel mount. This does not mean that you have to dispose of the snorkel, because for a good snorkel you will always find suitable spare parts for snorkels and accessories for snorkels.
In order to be able to use it for a long time for diving, snorkelling or swimming, you will also have to clean and maintain your snorkel. So, you should regularly wash and defecate the tube of the snorkel and all other parts of the snorkel.  You will find in our online shop proper care and cleaning products for snorkelling equipment.
Snorkel mouthpieces
In our Online Divestore we offer you a selection of spare mouthpieces for snorkels, high quality snorkel mouthpieces made of silicone, which can be mounted without tools on the Mares Snorkel, Scubapro Snorkel or TUSA Snorkel from our online dive shop. For even the best snorkel mouthpiece will eventually get broken, due to the increased pressure of your jaws when you are tired or excited while snorkelling or swimming.
Snorkel mount
If you often attach and remove the snorkel to the snorkel mask strap, it is possible that the snorkel holder will eventually break. In this case you will find in our online shop for snorkelling equipment different, practical spare snorkel mounts that fit most classical snorkels, and also special snorkel holders such as quick release snorkel holder for TUSA snorkels or snorkel holder for Scubapro snorkels or Mares snorkel mount.
Cleaning products for snorkels
Your snorkel doesn’t really need a lot of pampering but regular, thorough cleaning is very important, so that the snorkel does not get dirty over time, or even get unpleasant odors. Therefore, it is important to use a special snorkel cleaner because these special snorkel cleansers thoroughly remove plankton, salt, chlorine or fungi that stick to the snorkel in the water and also protect the material of the snorkel. In our online shop for water sports, you will find various cleansers for diving equipment and snorkelling equipment, including McNett's Universal Cleaner Mirazyme, a premier snorkel cleanser that removes all bacteria, plankton and fungus, neutralizes salt and chlorine, and is also an excellent odour eliminator for scuba gear and snorkelling equipment.
Other practical spare parts for snorkelling equipment can also be found in the category snorkelling accessories in our online dive shop.