Freediving Snorkel

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Freediving snorkel

Why is the highest quality, most complicated, most innovative and expensive high end snorkel not at all suitable for freediving? Because a freediving snorkel just has to be the opposite. A freediving snorkel must be simple, compact, plain and lightweight.

Apnea snorkel without valve
A blow-off valve or a dry valve are unnecessary for freediving. That's why freediving experts focus on minimalism and consciously recommend basic snorkels without any frills. As a freediving snorkel we advise you to use a snorkel with a small volume like the Scubapro Apnea snorkel that you will find in our online dive shop. The Scubapro Apnea snorkel is smaller and shorter than the usual snorkels used for snorkelling. Of course, you can also use a freediving snorkel for normal snorkelling, but because of its small length and missing valves, an apnea snorkel is not as suitable for snorkelling as a normal snorkel.

A freediving snorkel should not only be small in volume, but also very light, because every unnecessary weight will cost you strength in freediving, and in the apnea diving it is very important to save energy and breath. Therefore, the Scubapro Apnea snorkels are made of a very light and flexible material and have a much lower weight than usual snorkels.

Also, the mask strap holder of a freediving snorkel should be minimalist and uncomplicated, and guarantee a secure attachment of the snorkel to the mask.

Together with our freediving experts and freediving instructors, we have put together a selection of high-quality and reliable freediving snorkels, to guarantee you safe and efficient apnea diving.
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