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Freediving Fins

For effective and successful freediving you need special freediving fins. Normal equipment fins are much too heavy and sometimes too hard for freediving. An effective propulsion is very important for freediving, because to reach a certain depth with only one breath is not easy. You need fins with even better propulsion than standard scuba fins, because normal scuba diving is not about speed. Therefore, good freediving fins have much longer and larger fin blades than normal scuba fins. Freediving fins can be found as BiFin i.e. two fins with extra long fin blade, or as Monofin i.e. monofin with extra large fin blade.

BiFin Freediving Fins
Apnoea fins offer with their extra long and soft fin blades optimal propulsion and effective power conversion during apnoea diving. For maximum performance we recommend freediving fins with carbon fin blade which are even more efficient and even higher quality than standard apnoea fins.

Matching fin straps for freediving fins, bags for apnoea fins or bags for mono fins, as well as other accessories for freediving fins can of course also be found in our online store for freediving equipment.
Of course you will also find other freediving equipment in our online dive store, from freediving masks and freediving fins to freediving clothing from renowned manufacturers such as Scubapro, Mares or Waterproof.