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Freediving Instruments

In our online dive shop we offer high-quality apnea instruments, such as test winner dive computer for freediving, apnea dive computer and other reliable tools for free diving. These apnea instruments have been carefully tested by our freediving instructors, so we can offer you with confidence reliable and safe tools for freediving.

Freediving dive computers
Just like any other type of diving, apnea diving computers are indispensable for free diving. To view your dive parameters and to record your progress you will need an apnea dive computer or freediving dive computer like the ones you can find here in our online Divestore. There are some freediving dive computers specifically designed for freediving, such as the Mares Smart Apnea Mares apnea dive computer, which only includes programs for apnea divers. But you are also welcome to use a multidive dive computer from our online divestore, a dive computer that is suitable both as a dive computer for SCUBA diving and as an apnea dive computer for freediving. Of course, you should use a dive computer with compact dimensions and easy operation, such as the Suunto dive computers in watch format, for example the Suunto D4 diving computer.

Freediving depth gauge
But you can also use a simple depth gauge for free diving, such as the Scubapro depth gauge we offer you in our online dive shop.