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Accessories for diving masks

A high-quality diving mask will go along with a diver reliably and faithfully over many years of diving ... but you will have to give it sometimes a little bit of maintenance. For this purpose you need a couple of useful accessories for diving masks.
In our online dive shop we offer you everything a diver needs to maintain and fix his diving mask.

Anti-fogging remedy for diving masks
Even a brand-new diving mask needs a little help to be able to function perfectly while diving. A new diving mask will get steamy when diving, but there are simple anti-fogging remedies such as the well-known diving drops from McNett, the McNett SeaDrops with 100% reliability preventing diving masks from getting steamy while diving. Alternatively, we offer in our online dive shop the new Anti Fog Lens, very effective anti-fog foil for diving masks, which stick inside the diving mask and protect the mask reliably against fogging during diving for up to 20 dives.

Detergent for diving masks
In order to keep the diving mask permanently in good condition, it must be cleaned regularly in order to prevent plankton, salt, chlorine or fungi from sticking to the mask when diving. Thoroughly clean the material to prevent damage, discoloration and unpleasant odours. In our online dive shop you will find a perfect cleaner for diving masks and diving equipment, the McNett Mirazyme.

Spare mask straps for diving masks
In our online shop for diving accessories and diving equipment you will also find some useful spare parts, such as silicone spare mask straps for diving mask or neoprene mask straps for diving masks and also the practical neoprene mask band cover for diving masks.

Optical lenses for diving masks
For divers who need diving masks with optical aiddiving mask with visual aid, we offer in our online dive shop some diving masks with optical lenses, such as the Scubapro Spectra diving mask with optical lenses, the TUSA diving mask with dioptres TUSA Ceos, the Scubapro Zoom Evo mask with optical aid, the Mares X-Vision mask with visual aid, and many more. The matching Mares optical lenses, Scubapro lenses with dioptres or TUSA optical lenses can also be found here in our online dive shop in the category masks accessories.

GoPro mount for diving mask
We also offer an attachment for GoPro cameras for the high-quality Hollis M-3 mask in our online dive shop, and a universal GoPro Mount for diving masks.

Box for diving masks
In order to transport your valuable diving mask safely, we offer in our online dive shop practical mask boxes, transport boxes for diving masks, high-quality plastic box for diving masks. Alternatively, you will find in our online shop for diving equipment also a mask bag, a special carrying bag for diving masks.