Freediving Accessoires

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Freediving accessories

In the Freediving Accessories category, we offer freedivers professional Apnea Weightbelts, Apnea Weights, Reels, ropes and Buoys for Freediving, as well as Depth Gauges or Apnea Computers and other useful freediving gear.

Freediving instruments
Just like any other type of diving, Apnea diving instruments are essential for freediving. To monitor your dive parameters to record your progress you will need an apnea dive computer or freediving diving computer as you will find here in our online Divestore. Or you can also use a basic depth gauge for freediving, such as the Scubapro depth gauge we offer you in our online dive shop.

Freediving weightbelts
Lead weights and weightbelts are indispensable for freediving. Since in SCUBA diving BCDs with integrated weights have now become standard, apnea divers have become the main buyers of weight belts and weights. Therefore, weightbelts and lead weights are increasingly geared to the needs of Freediver. In our online Divestore you will find different types of apnea weightbelts, made of different materials and with different buckles, such as weightbelts made of nylon material or rubber apnea weightbelts up to weightbelts with pockets. These high-quality freediving weightbelts have one thing in common - the quick-release buckles that are indispensable for a good weightbelt.

Freediving lead weights
Matching to the different weightbelt variations, we offer in our online shop for diving equipment various apnea lead weights, from lead pieces with plastic coating, to simple lead weights without coating, and of course the now very popular soft lead bags, the lead bags made of Cordura material filled with lead granulate. These lead weights for freedivers are available in our online dive shop in different weight categories, from 1kg to 2.5 kg.

Freediving buoys
A safe and successful apnea dive clearly includes marker buoys. When freediving in open water with boat traffic, you should mark your diving area with a highly visible surface buoy or signal buoy to avoid dangerous accidents. Remember also that, for boats on the surface, you are not at all visible as a freediver underwater, in contrast to scuba divers whose presence underwater is at least indicated by air bubbles. Therefore, always remember to take a reliable signal buoy with you to the dive site. In our online Divestore you will find a good selection of different signal buoys in different shapes, from the simple, classic round dive buoy with alpha flag to the long Scubapro signal buoy with various grips and attachment options.

Freediving ropes, reels and lanyards
In our online Diveshop you will also find a large selection of practical and high-quality ropes and reels for freediving, in different lengths and with different mounting options. Starting with the popular apnea lanyard, the very useful security rope for freediving with large and robust stainless-steel carabiner, up to reels with different attachments and different line lengths, from 15m line reel to big reels with 45m line, you will find everything you need for freediving. On request, we can also offer you more ropes and reels.

In our online Divestore you will of course also find other important and useful apnea equipment accessories, from apnea lamps and fixtures for lamps, action cams for freediving or various fixings and D-rings, to practical bags for diving equipment or special bags for apnea fins.