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Neoprene shoes for snorkeling

How important reasonable neoprene shoes are you realize only when you miss them. And this happens at the latest when you have to walk over sharp shells or hot sand and urgently need a pair of suitable beach shoes, or if you want to put on a pair of good fins with heel strap for snorkeling, and have no matching neoprene booties.

In our online store for snorkeling equipment we offer a high quality selection of both categories neoprene shoes for snorkeling.
Neoprene Beach Shoes

On the way to your snorkeling spot, your feet often need protection against too-hot sand, sharp-edged debris, pointy shells, or nettling or stinging sea creatures or corals. The best solution for this are neoprene beach shoes or so-called beachwalkers with which you can walk safely and comfortably over any terrain, and with which you can simply enter the water and start snorkeling. In our online snorkel store you can find neoprene beach shoes so beachwalkers for adults like the AquaSphere Beachwalker or the Aquasphere Beachwalker XP and also neoprene beach shoes for kids like the AquaSphere Beachwalker for kids Beachwalker Junior or Beachwalker Kids. Neoprene shoes are good protection for the feet, and can be worn well in the water when swimming or snorkeling without fins, but they cannot be worn with fins because they do not have enough support on the foot. If you are looking for neoprene shoes to wear with fins for snorkeling, we recommend a set of neoprene footies and fins with open toe, that is, fins with heel strap for snorkeling.

Neoprene booties
Neoprene footies for equipment fins are neoprene shoes for fins with heel strap for snorkeling. This combination of neoprene booties and snorkeling fins with heel strap are the optimal solution to protect your feet on the way to the snorkeling place, and then immediately put on the fins and start swimming without having to take off or change shoes. Equipment fins are suitable both as snorkeling fins and as diving fins, and you will find a wide selection of fins with heel strap here, in our online diving store.

Matching neoprene footies for these snorkeling fins can be found in various designs in our online store for snorkeling supplies and diving equipment.

More neoprene shoes and neoprene footies you will find in our online store for snorkeling equipment in the category Diving / Clothing / Footies and neoprene socks.