What is the right Wetsuit size for me? Neoprene Wetsuit size charts

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What is the right Wetsuit size for me? Neoprene Wetsuit size charts - Wetsuit size chart ★ What diving suit size for me?

The size of the wetsuit is crucial for good protection against the cold

Finding the optimal size of your wetsuit is crucial, as only a perfectly fitting neoprene suit will keep you warm. So, take the time to measure yourself correctly to order the right size. In case of doubt, simply order two sizes and try them both on. For a tip on how to do this, refer to the end of the text.

Does my clothes size also count as a wetsuit size?

You can't necessarily deduce the size of your diving suit from your clothes size

Our wetsuit manufacturers come from different corners of the world, which is why the fits are quite different. A Scubapro wetsuit in size 42 fits very differently to a Mares wetsuit in size 42.

It is important to note that the standard clothing size we use for other garments may not always apply to wetsuits. Therefore, please do not simply go by the size of your T-shirt or jeans, but take the time to measure properly and compare sizes.

Where can I find reliable size charts for wetsuits?

You can find diving suit size charts directly from the respective manufacturer in our shop

At scubaonline, you will find size charts provided by the manufacturer for wetsuits. Look for the desired suit in the overview, click on it, and if you are unsure about which size is right for you, click on the right next to the size selection on "Find the right size" where you will find the manufacturer's size chart to determine your neoprene suit size.

With a tape measure, you must carefully measure the necessary dimensions and then you can quickly find the most likely optimal size for you.

How to try on a Wetsuit

TIP! To determine if the selected size is the right one, you will find detailed instructions in our product advice in the sections “How do I try on a wetsuit?” and “How tight should a wetsuit fit?”

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