What do I need to consider when buying a diving suit?

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What do I need to consider when buying a diving suit? - What do I need to consider when buying a diving suit?

What criteria should you consider when buying a wetsuit?

The answer to this question is clear:

  • the right fit
  • the correct neoprene thickness and warmth rating
  • a reasonable cost-benefit ratio

The right wetsuit size

Make sure your neoprene diving suit fits well and is comfortable to wear

Just because your diving instructor is happy with the Scubapro wetsuit, doesn't mean you have to be too. You need to find the best fit and the optimal size for yourself. Trying it on is the only way to know for sure! And for a rough idea, we have compiled detailed expert advice for you in our product guide on topics like “How tight should a wetsuit be?” and “What size wetsuit do I need? Where can I find a wetsuit size chart?”. This will surely help you with your selection.

Wetsuit neoprene thickness

Pay attention to the appropriate temperature class for the planned water temperature

If you're unsure about how thick your wetsuit needs to be, we can help. You can find detailed advice on this in our diving guide section “How thick should a wetsuit be?”. In addition, you can sort the wetsuits by warmth rating in our diving shop to make your selection easier, as there is a CE certification that categorizes wetsuits by warmth ratings, providing a rough guideline for the appropriate neoprene thickness. Choose the wetsuit based on the water temperature you plan to dive in, and when in doubt, opt for something thicker.

Wetsuit price-performance ratio

Pay attention to a reasonable price-performance ratio - quality and price must be right for you!

You can find detailed advice on this in our diving guide section “What is the cost of a good wetsuit?”

Currently, many wetsuit manufacturers are vying for the favor of customers, which is why there are hardly any senselessly overpriced wetsuits on the market, as the competition is too strong. Therefore, the general rule applies - if a wetsuit is priced higher, there is usually a good reason for it. The more expensive wetsuit is usually more intricately crafted, made of high-quality or more environmentally friendly materials, or equipped with more practical features than a basic wetsuit. This results in the possibility that the more expensive wetsuit may fit more comfortably, last longer, or provide better insulation. Therefore, you have to decide how much you want to invest in your wetsuit, which should be based on the frequency of your dives and align with your expectations and requirements for the chosen price category. You can find more information on this topic in the section "What is the difference between a cheap and an expensive wetsuit?"

Neoprene Wetsuit Brand

Which diving suit manufacturer is the best? Difficult decision - or maybe not?

How do we know which wetsuit manufacturer is the best? You'll just have to trust us on that! We thrive on satisfied customers, which is why we only offer products that won't cause any trouble, including wetsuits from manufacturers with whom we have had good experiences over the years and from whom we have received positive feedback from our many customers, students, diving instructors, and product testers. So, when it comes to quality and choosing a manufacturer, you can rely on our expertise. Of course, there are also different quality levels among our manufacturers - you can find details about that in the respective product descriptions.

Our conclusion

Our conclusion - don't just rely on recommendations from others when choosing a wetsuit, even if they are well-intentioned, but form your own opinion. Our diving guide provides you with comprehensive information to help you determine the right wetsuit size for you, how to properly try on a wetsuit, how it should fit to provide good thermal protection and comfortable wear, the differences between an expensive and a cheap wetsuit, or which warmth rating is right for you. Therefore, take your time to gather the right information, and feel free to give us a call - we are here to assist you! And most importantly - TRY, TRY, TRY IT ON!

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