Review: Mares Regulator 15x Set with Octopus Dual

2022-07-21 11:02:00 / Diving equipment tests
Review: Mares Regulator 15x Set with Octopus Dual  - Hands-on review of the Mares 15x regualtor set

This time Tami & Chris from the diving blog divingthisworld have tested a regulator set conataining the MARES 15X for us.

The Regulator set contains:

  • MARTES 15x Diving Regulator
  • Octopus Dual
  • 1st stage regulator and Finimeter
  • inflator hose
  • regulator bag

Sounds interesting to you?  You can find the offer here.

A regulator is definitely the most important piece of equipment of the entire diving equipment, probably every diver would agree. Therefore, it is all the more important to inform yourself before buying and find a reliable and, above all, optimal regulator for your own needs.

Diving Regualtor Set: First Impressions

The complete set definitely represents very good value for money due to its scope, the most important technical data and the appearance. Everything is included to be able to mount the regulator directly to a tank and go diving. 
Visually, the set looks very compact and the included regulator bag makes it ideal for vacation trips. Tami & Chris have therefore taken the set directly on their trip to the Maldives and tested there extensively (even in currents and more strenuous conditions).

Mares 15X 1st stage, regulator Dual and Octopus Dual

The 1st stage is equipped with 4 medium pressure ports and 2 high pressure ports, the arrangement of which brings optimal hose routing. In combination with the flexible hoses of the two second stages, this leads to a noticeably good freedom of movement.
Also noticeable is the breathing resistance and airflow of the Dual and Dual Octopus. Both deliver an extreme amount of air at any depth with no noticeable resistance! Even on physically demanding dives where a lot of air was needed, the regulator did not disappoint Tami & Chris. This ease of inhalation probably also ensures why this Mares set is also recommended as a training regulator.

Accessories: Finimeter, Inflator Hose and Regulator Bag

Also important when diving is, of course, the finimeter! Included in this set is the Slim Line 400 Bar. Tami & Chris especially liked the bright, fluorescent display here, because especially during night dives this is a relief and therefore an absolute must for them. 
The inflator hose and regulator bag included in the complete set complete the direct usability of the set.


The most noticeable thing about this regulator set for both of them was definitely the airflow. Tami personally likes it better when the airflow can be manually adjusted on the regulator itself. "Generally, I prefer less airflow, but in current or strenuous dives, it's definitely useful to have a high airflow."

Mares Diving Regualtor 15x
testing mares 15x regulator
mares Regulator bag
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