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Regulator hoses In our online dive shop you will find every regulator hose you might need for your regulator: - ND hose for regulator / low-pressure hose or medium-pressure hose, a regulator hose which can be used as a 1st stage hose. - HD hose for regulator / high pressure hose, the pressure gauge hose - Octopus hose for regulator, which are coloured medium pressure hoses for the octopus - Inflator hose, the hose which connects the regulator with the BCD and helps you inflate the BCD These different regulator hoses are available in our online Divestore in different lengths, different colours, different materials and with different connections. At best, every diver has a complete hose set for his regulator in his spare box during a dive trip. Normally, a diver does not have to worry about his regulator hoses, because a routine regulator review that every diver should perform on his regulator once a year, will thoroughly check the hoses of your regulator for material fatigue, wear, damage, and leaks, and it will be replaced if necessary. But sometimes a regulator hose can have a hidden malfunction that you cannot see and it can break without warning, and it is very annoying when you have to cancel a dive or dive trip because of a broken hose. In our online dive shop, we offer regulator hoses from various manufacturers, such as Scubapro HD hose or Scubapro ND hose, Mares hose or Apeks hose. You will also find a suitable 3/8 UNF inflator hose standard 70cm or 3/8 inflator hose 90cm in our online dive shop. Also HD hose for regulators can be found in our online dive shop as HD hose for pressure gauge 65cm or high pressure hose 80cm or pressure hose HD hose 90cm, which is a high pressure hose with excess length. In addition to a classic medium pressure hose for regulators you will find in our online shop for diving equipment also high quality flexible medium pressure hoses, the so called Miflex Extreme hose. This is a flexible, nylon and non-rubber coated 3/8 "medium pressure hose that is not only very flexible, but also very durable. This Miflex Extreme Flex Hose can be attached to any 2nd stage with 3/8" connection. Divers who are looking for a Scubapro Superflow hose for their regulator will find it in our online dive shop too. Of course, in our online shop for diving equipment, we also offer you the matching hose protectors, as well as additional regulator accessories for Mares regulator, Scubapro regulator, Atomic regulator, Oceanic regulator, Apeks regulator or Subgear regulator.