X-Stream with Scubapro Delta Boots 5mm blue R XXXL (46-47)

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Mares X-Stream

Fin type: diving fins with foot pocket and finstrap

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Set of fins and neoprene boots - Mares X-Stream fins & Scubapro Delta Boots 5mm

In this very high-quality diving fins set, we offer you a set of fins with boots, the test winner Fins Mares X-Stream together with neoprene booties Scubapro Delta Boots 5mm, a perfect combination of diving fins and neoprene booties suitable for diving in cold water and for ambitious divers.

Diving fins Mares X-Stream

With the Mares X-Stream Fins Mares presents us perfect fins. A product of many years of research, the Mares X-Stream fins combine outstanding technology with innovative bionics and long-standing experience. Every diver is looking for the fin that fits well, optimally converts his effort when diving into propulsion, a light fin which does not overstrain the leg muscles, and also looks good. Well - that's it, the Mares X-Stream fin!

At first glance, the Mares X-Stream diving fins impress with their unusual appearance, which should not only serve as an eye-catcher. The unique foot pocket of the Mares X-Stream fins was crafted from three different materials to perfectly match the diver's foot, optimally transferring any movement while diving to the fin blade without straining the diver's muscles. The holes in the foot pocket of the Mares X-Stream fin avoid the suction and congestion effect in the foot part of the Mares X-Stream fin, both when diving and when putting on and taking off.

The joints at the base of the Mares X-Stream's fin blade are part of the patented OPB system, which ensures that the Mares X-Stream's fin blade is always in the optimum position during the stroke of the fin to ensure maximum propulsion and minimum effort.

The 6 shark-like teeth on the Mares X-Stream fin blade are a result of bionic research that stabilizes the fin and avoids water vortex on the fin blade.

The wide flow channel and the robust side ribs of the Mares Fin X-Stream are features that have already convinced us with the Mares Superchannel OH fin, because they lead to an enormous displacement of water with little effort, and thus to maximum efficiency.

The Mares X-Stream also convinces with incredibly low weight and fresh colours - a must-have for every diver!

Scubapro Delta Boots 5mm

The SCUBAPRO Delta Boots 5mm are high quality Scubapro neoprene boots for diving, so Scubapro booties for fins made of 5mm neoprene, with zipper.

The Scubapro Delta Boots 5mm are very light and comfortable neoprene booties for divers, which ensure that the diver doesn’t get cold feet while diving and can run safely and without slipping on any surface.

The Scubapro Neoprene Boots Scubapro Delta Boots 5mm are, thanks to 5 mm thick neoprene material, ideal for diving in temperate cold water. The 5mm thick and soft Scubapro neoprene offers your feet good protection against cold water, and thanks to the innovative inner lining of Diamond-Span material, the Scubapro Delta Boots 5mm neoprene shoes dry very quickly to keep your feet warm.

The soft neoprene of the Scubapro boot Delta Boot 5 mm is not only thick, but also very sturdy to withstand the challenges of many dives. In addition, the neoprene of the Scubapro Delta Boots 5mm is extremely elastic to be easily put on and taken off, which anyway shouldn’t be a problem thanks to the extra-long zipper with velcro safety-strap.

Even with the most demanding fin, the Scubapro 5mm Neoprene booties Delta Boots sit securely and firmly on the foot, also thanks to the reinforced heel area with fin strap mount.

The Scubapro Neoprene Boots Delta Boots 5mm provide a comfortable fit with a wide toe area, an ergonomic sole that adapts to the natural arch of the foot and a reinforced toe area that protects against pressure points and friction during diving.

The sturdy anti-slip soles of the neoprene boots Scubapro Delta Boots 5mm can help you to walk safely even on wet ground in full diving equipment.


For this excellent set of fins with neoprene boots, we offer in our online Divestore lots of matching accessories, such as fin bags, Mares fin straps, neoprene shampoo or Gear Marker, and many other useful accessories for diving.

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Mares X-Stream

Fin type: diving fins with foot pocket and finstrap

Strength of fin blade: medium to hard

Finsheet Shape: 1 wide flow channel, wide side ribs, OPB joints, 6 shark-like covers for stabilizing the fin and avoiding water turbulence.

Material: Blend of 3 materials - patented Tecralene (thermoplastic rubber) and technopolymers

Fin tape: sturdy rubber band with patented ABS plus buckles (with safety lock)

Scubapro Delta Boots 5mm

Boot Type: High neoprene feet, above the ankle, suitable for wearing with fins

Material booties: Neoprene with Diamond Span lining

Material thickness: 5mm neoprene

Sole: rubber, with anti-slip profile

Closure: zipper with Velcro fastening

Special features: extra-wide and reinforced toe, anatomically shaped foot, ergonomic soles, reinforced heel area, fin strap attachment on the heel.

1 pair of fins, 1 pair of booties