Vyper Novo with Transmitter

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  • digital Compass with tilt compensation
  • wireless Air integration with Suunto transmitter
  • Nitrox up to 99%, 3 Gas blends
  • Uncomplicated operation, easy change of battery
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The Suunto Vyper Novo W/O USB with transmitter

The dive computer Suunto Vyper Novo with Transmitter and without USB  is a Suunto dive computer that was already an absolute bestseller as Suunto Vyper, the previous model, because it convinces as a dive computer that is uncomplicated, clear and reliable. In addition, the Suunto Vyper Novo dive computer scores with a stunning price-performance ratio, especially in this package in which we offer you the Suunto Vyper Novo White together with the matching Suunto wireless tank pressure transmitter .

You will find all the basic functions that a diver expects from their dive computer in the new Suunto Vyper Novo dive computer with air integration , which offers five operating modes: compressed air, nitrox up to 99%, bottom timer, apnea and off.

Based on the proven Suunto RGBM algorithm, the air-integrated Suunto Vyper Novo dive computer works precisely and reliably to create accurate and safe decompression calculations for you.

All the information you need to keep an eye on while diving is shown on the large and clear matrix display of the Suunto Vyper Novo dive computer, and can be read perfectly even in poor visibility or during night dives thanks to the configurable electro luminescent and phosphor luminescent backlight.

Paired with the high-quality Suunto wireless tank pressure transmitter, the Suunto Vyper Novo dive computer turns into an air-integrated Suunto Vyper Novo dive computer, which reliably includes the current state of the breathing gas in all decompression calculations to display the exact bottom time, saturation and remaining time, for maximum safety when diving.

Another highlight of the Suunto Vyper Novo dive computer is the integrated 3-D digital compass with up to 45 ° tilt compensation and a compass accuracy of 5 °, which ensures precise underwater navigation .

Many other practical features such as gas change function for up to 3 gases, altitude adjustment up to 3000m, temperature display, a generous logbook memory of approx. 140h, free diving mode with timer and diving depth notification, acoustic warnings that protect you from exceeding limits and a maximum operating depth of 80m make sure that the accompanies you safely and reliably while diving.

The Suunto Vyper Novo dive computer with transmitter is operated with a simple CR2450 battery, which guarantees a life time of approx. 1.5 years with 100 dives per year, and can be easily changed by the user. A battery change by a qualified technician is recommended.

The case and the bezel of the Suunto Vyper Novo dive computer with transmitter are made of composite material, the glass material is acrylic and the strap made of tear-resistant elastomer, all materials that make the air-integrated Suunto Vyper Novo dive computer extremely robust and yet very light.

In our online dive shop you will find the Suunto Vyper Novo dive computer in two simple and elegant colors, and of course also as a dive computer without transmitter, i.e. the Suunto Vyper Novo dive computer without air integration.

Of course, in our online shop for diving equipment we also offer other high-quality diving computers, Nitrox diving computers, Trimix diving computers, air-integrated diving computers and also simple entry-level diving computers from experienced manufacturers such as Mares diving computers, Scubapro diving computers, Aladin diving computers, Aqualung diving computers, Garmin diving computers or Cressi diving computers and also suitable transmitter for diving computers and other diving computer accessories.

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diving computer: digital compass Arm computer

Bezel material:  Composite
Glass material:  Acrylic
Case material:  Composite
Strap material:  Elastomer
Display type: Matrix
Display resolution: 49 x 22
Weight: 134 g / 4.73 oz
Battery type: CR 2450
Battery life: 100 dives/year - 1.5 years
Replaceable battery: yes, replaceable by user 
Low battery indicator: yes  
Other Features: Time, date, Alarm clock, Dual time, Stopwatch timer  
Languages: EN
Backlight: electro-luminescent & phosphor-luminescent, configurable
Units: metric and imperial

Maximum operating depth: (EN 13319) 80 m
Nitrox: yes, with Oxygen up to  99%
Dive time: 0 to 999 min
Surface time: 0 to 99 h 59 min
No fly time: yes 
Safety Stop: yes
Deep Stop: yes  
Ascent time display: 0 - 199 min (- - after 199)
CNS/OTU (OLF) calculation: yes 
Wireless air integration: optional with Suunto transmitter
Gas time: yes 
Decompression model: Suunto RGBM
Personal adjustment: 0 - 2
Altitude adjustment: 0 - 300 m / 300 -1500 m / 1500 - 3000 m
Gases: up to 3 gases
Gas max pO2: 1.2 - 1.6
Gas switching: yes 
Timer: yes 
No-decompression planner: yes  
Logbook memory: ~140 h (20 s sampling rate)
Logbook sampling rates: 10, 20, 30, 60 s (1, 2, 5 s freediving)
Dive History: lifetime 
Dive alarms: Dive time, Maximum depth, Tank pressure, Gas time, High pO2 (hyperoxic), Too fast ascent , decompression ceiling violation, Deepstop violation, CNS/OTU (OLF) 80% / 100%, Switch gas (better gas is available)

Apnea timer (O2/CO2 tables): yes 
Freedive number: yes 
Freedive day history: yes 
Freedive total history: yes, lifetime
Depth notify: yes (5)
Surface time notify: yes 

Digital compass: yes  
Tilt compensation: up to 45°
Declination correction: yes
Direction scale: degrees
Needle: compass rose
Globally balanced: yes 
Bearing lock with direction indicator: yes
Compass accuracy: 5°
Compass resolution: 1°

Temperature: yes
Temperature display range: -20° C to +50° C (+/- 2° C) / -9° C to +122° F (+/- 3.6° F)
Temperature resolution: 1° C / 1.5° F

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