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UV protection clothing
The most beautiful accessory for a successful dive is undoubtedly the sun! It provides for beautiful colors underwater, for good mood and dry hair between the dives or snorkeling trips and for warm feet at the end of the water sports day ... if only the sunburn would not be! And nowhere does one get sunburn so quickly without UV protection as in the water while snorkeling or swimming, on the beach or on the boat right next to the highly reflective water surface.
UV Shirts
But there is a simple and effective protection against sunburn, that is against UV rays and that is UV protective clothing. Much more long lasting and effective than any sunscreen and also much more stylish and practical when snorkeling, swimming or any other water sport, because a UV shirt also protects you against unpleasant wind and also gives you a light thermal protection when snorkeling, diving, swimming or surfing, or just walking on the beach.
The UV Shirts in our online diving store offer you according to UV Standard 801 sun protection factor UVP 80 UV protection like the Scubapro UV Protection Shirt Rash Guard Circle or the Scubapro UV Shirt T-Flex or sun protection factor 50+ according to UV Standard 801 like our UV Shirts from Billabong or our Subgear UV Shirts.
UV Shirts with long sleeves
For divers or snorkelers with very sensitive skin we recommend a UV protection shirt with long sleeves like the Scubapro Go Big UV Shirt or the Scubapro UV Shirt T-Flex with long sleeves. To provide UV protection to the legs while snorkeling, surfing or swimming you can opt for a full body UV protection suit for water sports like the Scubapro Everflex Lycra UV Protection Overall.
UV protective clothing for children
Of course, the smallest snorkelers and swimmers have the most sensitive skin - children. UV protection clothing for kids is extremely important, even if they are just playing on the beach. If you don't want to lure the little ones out of the pleasant sun every 10 minutes to hide them in the shade, you should get high-quality and reliable UV protective clothing for children, which optimally protects the sensitive skin of children during water sports. In our online dive store you will find UV shirts for kids like the Scubapro Rebel Rash Guard Wizard with long sleeves, UV shorts for kids like the Subgear Wizard Rash Shorts, and also UV protection overalls, i.e. full body UV protection for kids - the Scubapro Sun&Fun Rebel Kids.
UV protection and cold protection in one - Neoprene Shirts and Neoprene Shorts
For somewhat fresher temperatures in the water while snorkeling or swimming, or on the surface while surfing or paddling, there is the possibility to combine UV protection and cold protection in just one shirt, and still enjoy maximum freedom of movement during water sports. These are thin neoprene shirts with short sleeves like the Mares Thermo Guard 0.5 Short Sleeve Neoprene Shirt or with long sleeves like the Mares Thermo Guard 0.5 Long Sleeve Neoprene Shirts, and also neoprene shorts for snorkeling, swimming or paddling like the Mares Neoprene Shorts Thermo Guard Shorts for women or men. These can also be worn by divers very well under the wetsuit when diving to provide for the tick more cold protection that sometimes make the difference between a successful or a failed dive.