Suunto D4i Review by diving this world

2022-07-19 10:47:00 /
Suunto D4i Review by diving this world - Suunto D4i hands-on test

Especially with dive computers, you want to get detailed information about it before you buy it, after all, a computer should be reliable and safe for performing the dive! How the Suunto D4i Novo Silicone did on land and in the water, you will learn in this review.

Optics: Slim and elegant

The first thing that caught their eye was the Suunto D4i Novo Silicone's slim design and light weight. "Many dive computers look like a lump on your arm, but this Suunto has the design of a normal wristwatch and thus also looks very modern right away."

You could definitely use it as a watch in everyday life too!

However, the computer is also made elegant by the outline of the display and the four buttons on the sides, as these are made of stainless steel and thus stand out.

On the arm, the dive computer is attached via a tear-resistant silicone strap, which is very soft and flexible. It is therefore very comfortable to wear on the arm even without a long wetsuit.

The two are also thrilled with the color: Lime, a bright and eye-catching light green/yellow. However, the computer is of course also available in the two more neutral colors black and white.

Convincing technology

In a dive computer, of course, the inner workings of the computer should be much more important than the pure appearance! Therefore, these aspects were of course also illuminated.

Here, what they like most about the Suunto D4i Novo Silicone is the battery life. The device runs on a normal button cell (CR2450) and thus does not need to be charged after a handful of dives. Of course, the exact battery life depends on many personal factors such as frequency of use and storage, but Suunto itself states about 1.5 years at 100 dives per year on their own website.

Another point is the compatibility of the dive computer with Suunto's DM5 software. Through a special USB cable, the data from the dive computer can be analyzed on a PC with software from Suunto. A graphical display provides information about interesting values of a dive, such as the dive profile with integrated symbols when the Deep Stop/Deco Stop/Safety Stop was required and if they were observed, or even if a warning for the ascent speed was shown. Furthermore, the water temperature during the dive, the average depth and many other values are shown.

Other technical plus points are also the four different operating modes "Air, Nitrox to EAN50, Freediving/Apnoea, Rest Mode" and the possibility to pair a transmitter with the Suunto D4i Novo Silicone. This allows the display of the dive computer to show data such as the current tank pressure or the remaining air time. All important data is thus directly visible with just one glance at the wrist.

Furthermore, you can switch between three different values, depending on your personal preferences how conservative the Suunto RGBM algorithm should calculate the no-decompression time.

Underwater display is easy to understand

The Suunto D4i Novo Silicone is definitely a computer that can be easily and instantly understood underwater. The two buttons on the bottom left and right can be used to switch between different values. The total dive time, the current time, the partial pressure of the oxygen, the water temperature, the maximum depth, the OLF value (Oxygen Limit Fraction) or the oxygen content in percent, which of course is entered in advance depending on the tank content, are displayed.

The most important values such as the current depth, the no-decompression time and the Deep Stop or also the Safety Stop are displayed in larger numbers and are thus prominently visible at a glance.

In the case of a Deep Stop, a countdown even counts down the remaining time in seconds.


In conclusion, Tami & Chris can definitely recommend the Suunto D4i Novo Silicone! The most important points for them such as reliability, battery performance, intuitive operation and also the design have definitely convinced in this test.