Snorkels without Valve

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For snorkelers who like to take sometimes longer snorkelling tours, a snorkel with purge valve and / or dry valve, a dry snorkel, is an absolute must. But many other water sports enthusiasts such as divers, competitive swimmers, freedivers or polo and underwater rugby players have other demands on their snorkel, and therefore prefer classic snorkels, light, short and without purge valves or dry top.

In our online shop for snorkelling equipment, we offer the right snorkel for every water sports fan.
Classical snorkels without valve

For water sports enthusiasts who prefer a very basic snorkel without valve, so without purge valve and without drytop (dry snorkel), we offer in our online dive shop classic J-tube snorkels like the Mares Element snorkel, a high-quality Mares snorkel made of very light and flexible material, with exchangeable mouthpiece. Alternatively, we offer in our online Divestore the Mares @ snorkel which convinces by its flexibility, because it consists of very soft material that can be rolled up easily. All these basic j-tube snorkels without valve are very suitable for example as a snorkel for water polo or snorkel for underwater rugby.

Foldable snorkels for divers
Divers also often decide to take a simple snorkel without a valve, as divers don’t use their snorkel so often. Therefore, divers like to choose a snorkel for diving which does not permanently hang on the mask strap, but can also be stowed in the jacket pocket. In our online divestore you can find the Mares @ snorkel, which can be rolled up like a snail, and thus easily finds place in the jacket or suit pocket of the diver. Thus, the Mares snorkel without valve Mares @ is a perfect replacement for the famous Pocket Snorkel, which is a foldable snorkel with purge valve.

Freediving snorkel
Freedivers or apnea divers also need a very light and short snorkel without any valves, like the Scubapro Apnea Snorkel, a high-quality snorkel for apnea diving by Scubapro, which is very popular as a snorkel for freediving because it was specially designed by and for apnea divers. But any other short and light snorkel without a valve is very well suited as a freediving snorkel.

Front forehead snorkel without valve
Competitive swimmers who practice certain swimming styles with snorkel, need a front snorkel, a front snorkel which is not attached to the side of the head but centred on the forehead. These front snorkels like the snorkel Train Air without valve from our online shop for water sports equipment have a special shape and a special attachment with headband and are not suitable for classic snorkelling or as snorkels for diving.

Each type of water sport is different and every snorkel is different, but in our online shop for diving equipment you will find every snorkel you want, from snorkels with purge valve and dry snorkels with dry top, to semi-dry snorkels, children snorkels and freediving snorkels, to foldable pocket snorkels, snorkels for diving, front snorkels for competitions and classical j-tube snorkels without valve. All snorkels in our online shop for snorkelling equipment are of the highest quality, test winner snorkels, from well-known manufacturers such as Mares snorkel, Scubapro snorkel, TUSA snorkel, Atomic snorkel or Aqualung snorkel.