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Snorkel masks

Snorkel masks that guarantee you fun while snorkeling but also safety in the water must meet certain quality standards in order to avoid pressure points, water ingress or even serious eye injuries.

Snorkel masks with lenses made of safety glass

All snorkel masks and diving masks in our online shop for diving equipment are equipped with front lenses made of safety glass. This safety glass, also known as tempered glass, is a special  glass that is hardened at high temperatures in order to become more resistant to breakage and to prevent it from splitting in the event of a defect. You may know this tempered glass from your car windows, which in the event of a blow will not simply splinter like an old window pane and will not break as quickly. This is very important with snorkel masks in order to protect your eyes.

Is your snorkel mask pressure tested?

When it comes to increased pressure resistance, you shouldn't be negligent when it comes to your snorkel mask or dive mask. Because even if you don't dive too deep while snorkeling, the pressure underwater increases by as much as 50% already at the first 5 m below the water surface, i.e. by half a bar, which can put your snorkel mask to a tough test. Snorkel masks that are not properly pressure-tested can cause the frame of the diving mask to break, the glass, if no safety glass, to crack or the front lenses of your snorkel mask to get pushed in. Not only is this extremely uncomfortable, it can even endanger your safety while snorkeling and lead to injuries or panic attacks in the water. Therefore, when you buy snorkel masks, always make sure to ask whether the snorkel mask is pressure tested. All snorkel masks in our online shop for snorkel equipment are of course pressure-tested, even at depths of several hundred meters if they are declared as diving masks.

Secure sealing without pressure points for several years

Another important aspect that distinguishes a high-quality from an inferior snorkel mask is the material quality of the face piece. In case of an inferior snorkel mask, the mask skirt is often made of plastic, which can lead to a major material alteration after a short time, which can severely impair the tightness and comfortable fit of the mask. Only a snorkel mask with a silicone face piece guarantees you in the long term that the mask seal will fit just as comfortably and seal just as perfectly as on the first day for many years. Apart from that, plastic snorkel masks can contain harmful softeners or allergens, which won't happen to you you with high-quality snorkel masks with a silicone face piece. In our online dive shop we only offer snorkel masks and diving masks with silicone seals and this is clearly specified for each mask.

Adjustable and replaceable mask strap

For an optimal fit of your snorkel mask, it is very important that the mask strap offers a good hold, ideally through a special, wide shape at the back of the head, that this mask strap is not made of plastic but of a tear-resistant material, ideally silicone, and that the mask strap can be easily adjusted to fit your head size. The mask strap of your snorkel mask should be very easy to adjust at any time, even in the water, without tools or other aids, no matter whether you need to loosen or tighten it. It is just as important that the mask strap can be replaced so that you do not have to dispose of the entire snorkel mask in case the mask strap should break. All of our snorkel masks and diving masks have adjustable and replaceable silicone mask straps, and you can find spare mask straps here, in our online dive shop.

No compromises with a good full face mask

Especially snorkelers who opt for a full face snorkel mask should definitely pay attention to good, tested quality! Because especially with full-face snorkel masks, the material quality, both for the large front pane and the mask face piece, has to be 100% appropriate and the fit is of enormous importance. If water gets inside a full face mask this can very quickly lead to the snorkeler inhaling water or panic, so you have to pay close attention to a good fit and high-quality materials. It should also be noted that inferior full-face snorkel masks can have too large internal volume, which can lead to unhealthy, continuous inhalation of stale air with too little oxygen and too much carbon monoxide. Therefore, when you buy a full-face snorkel mask, make sure that it is a high-quality, tested and well-fitting full-face snorkel mask, such as the full-face masks that you can find in our online shop for snorkeling equipment.

Now that you know what to look for when buying a snorkel mask, take your time choosing the right snorkel mask from the large selection of diving masks in our online shop for water sports. But don't forget one more important aspect: your new snorkel mask have to be fancy too! :-) isn't it awesome that we can offer you so many different colors and shapes of Hollis diving masks, TUSA snorkeling masks, Mares diving masks or Scubapro snorkeling masks. Have fun browsing!