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A neoprene shorty,

a short 3mm wetsuit, is not necessarily the most popular wetsuit, because the skin loses heat very quickly during diving, and divers therefore like to use a long wetsuit. So a shorty is only a suitable wetsuit for divers who are very insensitive to cold. But a short wetsuit is excellent as a snorkeling suit, surf suit, wetsuit for paddling or wakeboarding, swimsuit or wetsuit for water sports of all kinds.

A shorty protects the upper body of the diver, snorkeler, swimmer or surfer from temperature loss both in the water and on the surface in windy or cool weather. But a short wetsuit also provides the necessary UV protection for your upper body when snorkeling, surfing or swimming.

In our online dive store you will find a snorkel suit or anchorShorty for water sports for every member of the family - a children's shorty like the snorkel suit for kids from Scubapro, the Rebel Shorty 2.5mm, a neoprene shorty for ladies as well as the short Waterproof wetsuit W30 Shorty 2, 5mm Lady Snorkel Suit, the Scubapro Ladies Shorty Definition or the popular Billabong Surf Suit Synergy 2x2 BZ SS Spring Ladies Wetsuit, and also the desired shorty for men like the Waterproof Wetsuit W30 Shorty 2,5mm Man or the Scubapro Men's Shorty Definition.

Whether a Waterproof short wetsuit, a Scubapro snorkel suit or a Billabong shorty, in our online dive store every diver, snorkeler, swimmer, surfer and every other water sports fan will find his suitable wetsuit, because we offer wetsuits from manufacturers who have convinced every diver by quality and functionality and have passed every wetsuit test.

And if you are looking for a good 3, 5 or 7mm wetsuit, a drysuit, a neoprene shirt, a UV shirt or suitable neoprene accessories such as neoprene gloves, booties or headgear or even care products for neoprene are - all this can also be found in our online dive store.







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