Set Ceos Mask and Hyperdry Elite 2 Snorkel

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TUSA Ceos Mask
Masks type: double glass mask
Mask body: silicone, with different material thicknesses
Fit: universal
Masks glasses: tempered glass / safety glass)
Optical glasses available: yes
Material mask frame: sturdy plastic
Mask buckles: adjustable Quick-Adjust mask buckles, anchored in the mask body,
Masking strap: 3-D silicone masking strap
Mask strap changeable: yes

TUSA Hyperdry Elite II Snorkel
Snorkel type: Snorkel with large tube diameter for comfortable breathing
Snorkel Material: robust plastic, with flexible tube insert made of crystal silicone
Purge valve: yes, with specially angled mouthpiece for easy clearing the tube
Dry top: yes, with Hyperdry system with bypass tube
Splash guard: yes
Flexible tube: yes, flex hose insert made of crystal silicone
Snorkel mount: buckle for mask strap with comfort swivel, with two positions, removable with one click
Mouthpiece: anatomically shaped, high quality silicone
Mouthpiece replaceable: yes

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Set of TUSA Ceos Mask & TUSA Hyperdry Elite II Snorkel

We offer you here a professional set of TUSA Diving Mask and TUSA Snorkel, a combination of the popular TUSA Ceos diving mask and the high-quality TUSA Hyperdry Elite II Snorkel. This is a High-End Snorkelling Set or Mask&Snorkel Set for divers, with satisfaction-guarantee!

Diving Mask Tusa Ceos
The diving mask TUSA Ceos is a high quality TUSA mask, with extremely soft and adaptable silicone mask body. The TUSA Ceos Mask got so popular because of its perfect fit, regardless of the shape or size of your face. In the mask body of the TUSA Ceos diving mask you can find different silicone thicknesses which have been combined to ensure optimal fit and maximum stability. So the TUSA Ceos diving mask lies like a second skin on the face, and no drop of water gets inside!

The two lenses of the TUSA Ceos mask are made of high quality safety glass, not larger than necessary and very close to the face, and therefore the TUSA Ceos mask has a nice and small volume.

The TUSA Ceos mask fits almost perfectly on each head size because the mask strap buckles, which are anchored in the silicone body and not rigidly to the frame, have a rotation angle of 180 ° and thus give maximum mobility. The 3-D mask strap fits optimally to each head.

The TUSA Ceos mask has all the necessary features of a professional mask,and is also available with corrective lenses or  with 100% UV protection and anti-reflection coating for even better visibility underwater.

TUSA Snorkel Platina II Hyperdry
The snorkel TUSA Hyperdry Elite 2 is an excellent TUSA snorkel with dry valve and a semi-dry snorkel with a purge valve.
The TUSA snorkel Hyperdry Elite II is equipped with the innovative Hyperdry system that ensures that the snorkel tube always remains dry. Water is cleared from inside the TUSA Hyperdry Elite 2 snorkel through a separate independent pipe.

The specially angled purge valve of the TUSA Hyperdry Elite II Snorkel, ensures that the air bubbles pass by the face, helps you to clear the tube much easier, and also eliminates the unpleasant water gurgling.

The ergonomically shaped mouthpiece of the TUSA Hyperdry Elite 2 semi-dry snorkel provides comfortable snorkelling, and the built-in flex tube made of crystal silicone in the snorkel tube prevents tenseness in the jaw and neck muscles.

A comfortable fit of the TUSA Hyperdry Elite 2 snorkel is also guaranteed by the special mask strap attachment buckle, a sophisticated TUSA snorkel holder that allows the TUSA snorkel to be attached to the mask in two different positions, vertical for snorkelling and horizontal for diving. With a simple click, the TUSA snorkel Hyperdry Elite II can be completely removed from the mask.

Both the TUSA Ceos Mask and the TUSA Hyperdry Elite II Snorkel are available in our online divestore in awesome colors, fresh and unique, so you can create your own style. So have fun finding your own TUSA Mask&Snorkel Set!


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