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If you want to buy your own regulator for diving, you will first have to choose a basic configuration of the regulator, consisting of a 1st stage and a 2nd stage. A large selection of regulators from well-known manufacturers, winners of regulators tests, professional regulators and also lightweight travel regulators and entry-level regulators can be found in our online dive shop in various designs and configurations.

Which manufacturer can you trust

For you as a customer, it can be quite difficult to decide which regulator manufacturer to trust, especially if you are new to diving. But that's what we're here for! We are first and foremost divers and not dealers and we can look back on decades of experience in diving and thousands of dives in different environments, with different skill levels. We have tried hundreds of regulators under a wide variety of conditions, and the ones we have included in our dive shop range have convinced us, our entire team of diving instructors, our diving students and our customers for many years.

So we can only say - trust US when it comes to choosing your regulator! We only offer you regulators from manufacturers who have distinguished themselves through very high quality and safety standards and who offer reliable, technically high-quality regulators. The Mares regulators, Scubapro regulators, Atomic regulators, Aqualung regulators or Apeks regulators in our online Divestore are tested, safe and reliable and this is also reflected in the satisfaction of our customers.

Which regulator for which diver?

Every pot finds its lid and every diver finds its regulator! A diver who dives in cold water, an ice diver or an altitudediver needs a cold water regulator, a vacation diver who prefers light luggage is happy about a light travel regulator, a tech diver needs a powerful regulator for technical diving, a diving professional decides to buy a professional diving instructor regulator, a junior diver should use a light and small children's regulator with a compact 2nd stage and a Nitrox diver is only allowed to dive in Germany with a Nitrox regulator.

We could go on and on, but the fact is - we have them all! From the light and inexpensive entry-level regulator or spare regulator and compact children's regulator, to the sturdy basic training regulator or rental regulator, to the high-end titanium regulator, ice-proof cold water regulator, and professional regulator, whether piston-controlled or membrane-controlled, whether titanium regulator, carbon regulator , Chrome or stainless steel - you will find the right regulator for every diver in our online shop for diving equipment.

What else does your regulator need?

With the 1st stage and the 2nd stage you already have the basic foundation stones for your regulator. After you have decided which manufacturer and which performance category suit you best, you will also find the right octopus in our online dive shop, the alternate air source for our regulator, so that you already have a complete regulator set. In our regulator configurator you can put together your dream regulator yourself, or you can choose one of the regulator sets we have put together for you.

If you do not already have some regulators hoses or diving instruments at home, the regulator set consisting of 1st stage, 2nd stage and octopus is not quite enough. Because in order to operate your buoyancy compensator, you still need a connection hose between the regulator and the BCD, a so-called inflator hose, and an underwater manometer, a pressure gauge with which you can always keep an eye on the current tank pressure while diving. You can also buy these regulator components individually in our online shop for diving equipment, or you can opt for a complete regulator set that we have put together for you and that we will deliver to you together with a suitable, high-quality regulator bag.

Regulator upgrades and regulator accessories

Divers who get a taste of diving in cold water with increasing experience, for example ice diving, deep diving or altitude diving, or simply winter dives in their local lakes, need a regulator cold water configuration, consisting of two 1st stages, each with a 2nd stage to always have a functioning 1st stage if one of them freezes. You can also find individual 1st stages and 2nd stages in our online divestore.

Also other regulator accessories, various attachments for regulators such as octopus brackets or pressure gauge hose clips, regulator hoses in different sizes, Miflex hose or octopus hose with extra length, regulator mouthpiece, DIN / Int adaptor, regulator tools and a large selection of regulator repair kits, regulator service kits, can also be found in our online dive shop.